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Second-Hand FANUC Robots

FANUC robots are some of the most popular industrial robots around the world. Hundreds of thousands of FANUC robots have been installed in factories automating a wide variety of tasks. It’s not just new FANUC robots that are sought after but second-hand ones as well. The demand for second-hand FANUC robots has increased as more companies look to automate.

FANUC robots that can be purchased second-hand include articulated, delta, SCARA, gantry, and collaborative robot types. Used FANUC robots can be implemented to automate welding, material handling, material removal, assembly, painting, palletizing, and packaging among many other applications. Whether you are looking for an extended reach, short arm, small robot, or heavy lifting robot, it is possible to find it on the second-hand market.

What FANUC Robots can be Purchased Second-Hand?

Since FANUC is the top manufacturer when it comes to robot installations, many of their robot models are in circulation on the second-hand market. FANUC robots utilizing RJ2 and RJ3 controllers can be purchased used. These include the FANUC Arcmate 120i and the S-430iw. FANUC robots paired with the RJ3iB controller are some of the most likely to be found second-hand. Popular used RJ3iB robots include the FANUC Arcmate 100ib, LR Mate 200ib, and R-2000ia. R-30iA robots are also in frequent circulation on the second-hand market. The FANUC Arcmate 100ic is an R-30iA robot that can be purchased used. R-30iB robots can be purchased second-hand as well even though this controller model is fairly new. It is possible to find a used FANUC Lr Mate 200id among other R-30iB models.

Why Buy a Second-Hand FANUC Robot?

FANUC robots are some of the most durable and reliable industrial robots whether they are new or used. Buying a used FANUC robot is a more cost-effective way to automate. Second-hand FANUC robots can save buyers 40% to 60% of the cost of a new robot. This makes automating more affordable, especially for those with limited capital.

Buying second-hand does not mean sacrificing quality. FANUC manufacturers high quality robots that can operate for decades. With a used FANUC robot, you will still gain the same advantages of robotic automation but at a fraction of the cost. These include higher productivity, lower costs, improved product quality, faster cycle times, and efficient manufacturing.

Buying a second-hand robot also brings familiarity and easy integration for those with pre-existing robotic systems. It is possible to find the same articulated robot or similar when buying used. Technicians and operators will already be familiar with programming, operating, and maintaining the robot which avoids additional training. A second-hand FANUC robot will be compatible and integrate easily with pre-existing robotic equipment. A new robot may not be compatible with older robotic equipment causing the entire system to be replaced and a larger expense.

Where can you Buy Second-Hand FANUC Robots?

It is possible to purchase second-hand FANUC robots online, at auctions, through a robotic integrator, or through a used robotic equipment company. It is important when buying used to purchase from a reputable source and know what questions to ask about the robot. Robots Done Right sells a variety of second-hand FANUC robots. RDR typically sells used RJ3iB, R-30iA, and R-30iB FANUC robots.

Contact Robots Done Right in order to discuss selling a used FANUC industrial robot today.

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