FANUC industrial Robot What are FANUC Robots Used For? FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot

What are FANUC Robots Used For?

Hundreds of thousands of FANUC robots have been implemented in factories around the world. FANUC is often considered one of the top manufacturers of automated equipment. Their industrial robots can be used to automate an entire factory or to automate part of a production process. With several different types of FANUC robots including articulated, delta, gantry, collaborative, and SCARA, they can automate just about any production related task.

FANUC robots are typically used to improve productivity, product quality, cycle times, and the overall efficiency of a manufacturing process. Tasks that are repetitive, tedious, hazardous, or time consuming are ideal for automation with a FANUC robot. FANUC’s traditional industrial robots can turn manual processes into automatic ones with little to no human intervention needed. While their collaborative robots can be used to assist or work alongside humans on tasks that cannot be fully automated. The FANUC R-2000ib can aide with heavy lifting or handle repetitive tasks, assisting workers with less desirable aspects of a production process.

There are many different applications that FANUC robots can be used for across numerous industries. Some of the more common ones include:

  • • Welding - FANUC robots are capable of automating arc, spot, and laser welding among many other welding processes. FANUC’s arc and spot welding robots are frequently used in the automotive, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. FANUC welding robots produce durable, high-quality welds which are crucial to the items manufactured in these industries. The FANUC Arcmate 120ic is a popular FANUC robot for welding automation.

  • • Assembly - FANUC robots have been used to automate assembly applications in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and medical device industries. FANUC M-2ia is a delta robot that is ideal for high-speed assemblies. FANUC assembly robots can be used to assemble car windshields, computer keyboards, airplane components such as motors, among many other items.

  • • Packaging - Packaging finished products is a critical final manufacturing step for most industries which is why many manufacturers automate this process with FANUC robots. FANUC packaging robots can be used to secure fragile products such as electronics for shipping. Food-grade FANUC robots can be used to safely package food, preventing contamination.

  • • Material Removal - Material removal covers a broad category of manufacturing processes. These include deburring, cutting, waterjet, grinding, routing, and deflashing. The automotive, food, aerospace, and oil and gas industries automate their material removal applications with FANUC robots.

  • • Part Transfer - Part transfer applications are ideal for FANUC robots. Whether its small, delicate parts or heavy, large parts, FANUC robots can quickly move them without compromising or damaging them. The FANUC M-10ia is ideal for light part transfer applications while the FANUC M-900ia/350 can handle heavy parts with its high payload.

  • • Other Uses - Other uses for FANUC robots include material handling, inspection, machine tending, palletizing, painting, dispensing, and finishing applications. Aside from the industries previously mentioned, other users of FANUC robots include those in the pharmaceutical, warehousing, agriculture, metals, foundry, and composites industries.
The uses of FANUC robots vary considerably which is they have become and remain one of the top robotic brands.

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