Comparing the Yaskawa Motoman MH Series and the FANUC M Series

selling a used Motoman robot FANUC industrial Robot selling a used Motoman robot FANUC robot selling a used Motoman robot

When it comes to industrial robots, Yaskawa Motoman and FANUC are two of the most recognized robotic brands. Both are considered to be the top manufacturers in the robot industry and have incredibly large installation bases. Yaskawa Motoman and FANUC offer extensive product lines with robots capable of automating just about any manufacturing application.

Yaskawa Motoman MH Robots

Yaskawa Motoman’s MH series features several industrial robot models with multipurpose material handling capabilities. Robots in the MH series range from the small, compact units to large, heavy duty lifters. Payload capacities start at just 3 kg with the Yaskawa MH3F and go up to a staggering 900 kg. The Yaskawa Motoman MH robots also vary greatly by reach with a range between 532 mm and 4,683 mm. Those with compact work envelopes, large work envelopes, and everything in between can find a robot in the MH series.

Yaskawa Motoman’s MH robots feature the traditional articulated robot structure with six axes for a full range of motion. The full six degrees of freedom provided by the MH robots makes them ideal for automating production related tasks. The MH robots can be used for robotic assembly, palletizing, machine tending, pick and place, and packaging. While the MH robots are mainly used for material handling automation, they can be used for other applications as well including robotic arc welding, material removal, and dispensing. The Motoman MH215 can automate spot welding applications. While the Yaskawa MH50 is ideal for material removal tasks such as automated cutting and deburring.

FANUC M Robots

Like the Yaskawa Motoman MH robots, the FANUC M robots are popular for material handling automation. The FANUC M robots include small, low payload options, high payload models, as well as those designed for medium handling. Payloads start at as little as 1 kg and go up to 2300 kg. The FANUC M900ia/600 is one of the heaviest lifters of the series. The FANUC M-10ia is a low payload robot of the M series and is comparable to the Motoman MH12. Reaches vary between 420 mm to well over 3,500 mm. The FANUC M-20ia is ideal for compact work envelopes with its shorter arm, while the FANUC M-710ic/20L can automate large work envelope tasks.

The FANUC M series offers more variety when it comes to robotic axes and robot structure. The M series features four, five, and six axis robot models. In addition to articulated robot structures, there are also delta and gantry options. The FANUC M-1ia is one of the M series delta robots that is ideal for high-speed light payload tasks such as automated sorting and robotic pick and place.

While the FANUC M robots are commonly used for material handling processes such as robotic palletizing, machine loading, and packaging, they, like the MH robots, are capable of automating others. The M robots can also be used for automated arc welding, material removal, and assembly tasks.

Many of the robots from the MH and M series are comparable to one another with several similarities. The FANUC M series has a greater variety of robots to select from, making it more likely buyers will find a suitable robot from the M line. However, deciding between the MH series and M series may simply come down to just personal preference and availability.

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