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FANUC Industrial Robots

FANUC is one of the largest industrial robot manufacturers in the world. There are over 500,000 FANUC robots currently deployed across numerous factories, making them by far the top robot producer. Their robots have automated manufacturing lines in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

FANUC first began in 1955, manufacturing numerical control machines in Japan. In the decades following FANUC moved into manufacturing industrial robots and expanded their productions to Europe and North America. Today, they have become known for producing the strongest and most reliable six-axis robots as well as intelligent controllers and innovative robotic software systems.

FANUC Robots

There are over 100 models to choose from in FANUC’s fleet of industrial robots. They offer one of the most extensive product lines, ensuring there is a robotic automation solution for any manufacturer. From light workloads as little as 0.5 kg to heavy lifting of up to 2,300 kg, manufacturers big and small can benefit from a FANUC robot.

FANUC offers robots to automate just about any production related task. Their robots cover welding automation, spot welding, material handling, automated material removal, painting, robot palletizing, robotic assembly, and the list of robotic applications goes on. FANUC’s popular Arc Mate series features the Arcmate 100ic and the Arcmate 120ic. This line of articulated robots provides arc welding solutions for automated MIG, robotic TIG, plasma, and laser welding processes. Their Arc Mate robots are known for reliable, high-quality welds through their controlled precision.

FANUC’s biggest success story has come from their heavy lifting R-2000 series. Robots from the R-2000 series are some of the strongest six-axis robots to be manufactured. Featuring the FANUC R2000ib/210F, which is popular amongst automotive manufacturers for material handling tasks. R-2000 robots are the modern workhorses of today’s manufacturing floors.

While FANUC is mostly appreciated for their six-axis articulated robots, they also produce other robot types. Their delta robot series features a family of spider-like robots designed for high-speed, light payload operations. The FANUC M2ia features nimble parallel link arms designed for precise assembly.

Collaborative robots are the latest robotic innovation from FANUC. FANUC cobots resemble the design of the LR Mate series, but with softer, rounder edges and a bright green exterior. The FANUC CR15ia has transformed production lines by making it possible for direct human and robot interaction. Hand guidance and collision sensors ensure the CR robots can function safely around workers.

FANUC Controllers

In addition to robots, FANUC also produces robotic controllers for intelligent and user-friendly programming of their robots. Older FANUC robot controller models include the R-J3, R-J3iB, and the R-30iA, which are mostly available on the second-hand robot market. The R-30iB and R-30iB Plus are the more recent controller models that are paired with FANUC’s newer robots.

FANUC Software

FANUC also produces robotic software to enhance and build upon the performance of their robots. Their iRVision gives their robots the ability to see objects in both 2D and 3D vision. When integrated with FANUC robots, this robotic vision system improves the accuracy, speed, and reliability of any given application.

Other software options from FANUC include their ROBOGUIDE for offline programming through simulation. Their collision guard software prevents robot damage through object detection and is useful for when multiple robots are operating within close proximity. FANUC’s robot software is just as extensive as their robots, with over 250 options available.

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