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Industrial Robot Brands

As industrial robot automation has grown in the past several years, so have the number of industrial robot brands. Many familiar with the robot industry are aware of the top robotic manufacturers: FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, and KUKA. These companies have been industry leaders for years and offer a wide range of industrial robots. However, there are other industrial robot brands to select from for automation. Below is a look at the top brands as well as some of the smaller brands that are making a name for themselves in the robotics industry.

  • • FANUC - FANUC is the top robotic manufacturer in the world. While they are best known for their six-axis robots, they also manufacture SCARA, gantry, delta, and collaborative robot types. Known for their yellow exteriors, you have most likely seen or heard of the R-2000ib and the LR Mate 200ic, both of which are FANUC robots. Popular FANUC articulated robots used in welding automation include the Arcmate 100ic and Arcmate 120ic. Heavy payload robots including the M-2000ia and M-900ia/600 can tackle tough lifting applications. Robots Done Right stocks many used FANUC robots for sale.

  • • Yaskawa Motoman - Yaskawa Motoman has remained an industry leader with their arc welding robots. They produce more arc welding robots than any other robot brand, with the EA, MA, and VA robot lines. Popular robots from those lines include the MA1400 and VA1400. They even manufacture their own weld cells with their ArcWorld series. On top of arc welding, they offer factory robots for other manufacturing applications including the HP20 which is ideal for automated material handling.

  • • ABB - ABB is another robot brand that is popular for industrial automation. They manufacture a variety of robot types allowing for the automation of many production related tasks. Those looking for an assembly robot could consider the ABB 2400. While the ABB 1600 is perfect for robotic welding.

  • • KUKA - KUKA rounds out the top four robotic brands. While KUKA robots are not as common as the other big manufacturers, they are the top robotic supplier for the automotive industry. Their signature orange robots are common along automobile assembly lines.

  • • Universal - Universal robots is a relatively new brand to the robotic industry but is becoming known for their innovative collaborative robots. Universal specializes in manufacturing cobots with their UR series that features the UR5.

  • • Denso - Denso specializes in manufacturing small articulated and SCARA industrial robots. They produce robots with four, five, and six axes that are ideal for material handling automation.

  • • Staubli - Staubli manufacturers compact articulated and SCARA robots that provide high-speed and precision to manufacturing automation. Staubli has recently launched a line of collaborative robots as they look to grow within the robotics industry.

  • • Kawasaki - While Kawasaki is best known for manufacturing motorized bikes, they have also made a name for themselves as a robotic brand with over 110,000 robots installed around the world. Kawasaki manufactures traditional articulated robots as well as their unique dual arm SCARA robot. They also have recently expanded into the collaborative robot field.

  • • Epson - Epson robots got their start when their parent company, watch manufacturer Seiko, wanted to use automate with robots to improve their manufacturing, so they decided to make their own. Epson is considered the industry leader for SCARA robots, but also manufactures cartesian and articulated types.

  • • Mitsubishi - Mitsubishi is best known as an automotive manufacturer, but their Mitsubishi Electric division is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots. Their robots feature a compact design for light payload applications.

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