FANUC industrial Robot What is Included with a FANUC Robotic System FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot

What is Included with a FANUC Robotic System

FANUC is one of the top manufacturers in the robotics industry. Their industrial robots are reliable, versatile, strong, and powerful so it is no wonder they are often the top choice when it comes to robotic automation. FANUC robot models R-2000ib and M-710ic are well known along with most of their other articulated robots. They offer one of the most extensive selections of industrial robots which is why more FANUC robots have been installed in factories than any other brand.

Those new or unfamiliar with robotics may be interested to learn what is included with a FANUC robotic system. This will largely depend on who you are buying from such as directly from FANUC or another robotic seller, what you are buying whether it is a single robot, robotic package, or and entire work cell, and the condition you are buying, either new or used.

In general when purchasing a FANUC robot, whether it is the FANUC LR Mate 200ic or the M-20ia, the robotic system will include the manipulator arm, robotic controller, and teach pendant. The robotic manipulator is the actual industrial robot itself. It is usually divided into two parts, the wrist and the arm/body. The wrist controls the movements of the end-effector while the arm and body control the movement of the workpieces within the robot’s work envelope. There are several different types of robotic manipulators. The main ones include articulated, SCARA, delta, cartesian, and collaborative. The type you select will be dependent upon the application being automated.

The controller and teach pendant are also typically part of a FANUC robotic system. However, in some cases of used FANUC robots one or both may not be sold with the robotic manipulator. If this is the case, it should be stated upfront prior to the sale. It is possible to buy replacement controllers and teach pendants through robot equipment companies. Robots Done Right sells used teach pendants that are compatible with many FANUC robots including the FANUC M-900ia/350. The FANUC controller is the computer system connected to the manipulator that is responsible for relaying the programming code. The teach pendant is the handheld device used to enter the programming code for a FANUC robot.

Other peripheral equipment for a FANUC robotic system will depend upon where and what your are buying. These can include end-effectors, software, and welding equipment. For instance, if you are buying a used material handling robot package then the robotic gripper and software may be included. Used robotic welding packages will often include the FANUC Arcmate 120ic or another FANUC welding robot, the controller, teach pendant, weld torch, and power supply. Buying a used FANUC robotic package makes automating more cost-effective and simple as all components needed for an application are included and compatible with one another. This avoids the time and expense to source and buy each individual component.

If you are looking to fully optimize your operations then purchasing a work cell will be best. Turnkey work cells will include all components needed to automate your manufacturing process. This will include barriers, the robotic manipulator, controller, teach pendant, EOAT, operator station, safety equipment, and peripherals specific to your application.

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