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Top Industries for Industrial Robots

Industrial robots have become the workhorses of many industries around the world. Their reliability, efficiency, and speed make them ideal for many manufacturers. Below is a look at the top industries for industrial robots.


The automotive industry was one of the first to automate with industrial robots. Today, they are still one of the top users of robots, accounting for over 30% of robot installations. Automotive manufacturers have stacked their production lines from some of the top robotics manufacturers in the world including FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA, and ABB. The ABB IRB 6640 is a popular model that is often utilized for spot welding car frames. Other types of robotic applications used in automobile production include arc welding, painting, assembly, machine tending, cutting, and part transfer. Industrial robots greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of automobile manufacturing for safer and higher quality vehicles.


The aerospace industry is relatively new to robotic automation, but they have quickly become one of the top industries for industrial robots. As air travel has increased, the demand for more planes has also increased causing aerospace manufacturers to incorporate robots to their production lines. Industrial robots help aerospace manufacturers build safer planes in a shorter amount of time than with using solely manual manufacturing. Applications such as drilling, painting, sealing, welding, and assembly are all being completed by robots. The repeatability and accuracy of robots ensures planes are built to the highest quality. The FANUC M-710ic and the ABB 4600 are two robot models commonly deployed for aerospace productions.


Assembly, inspection, dispensing, and packaging are some of the applications being automated by industrial robots in the electronics industry. Electronics have become a part of our daily lives, making it one of the fastest growing industries. In order to keep up with high product demands and ever evolving product lines, electronic manufacturers have automated their manufacturing processes with the FANUC Lr Mate 200id and the Motoman MH50. Robots have also been useful for combating issues related to shrinking product sizes and sensitive parts. As electronic devices have become smaller, so have their components, making robotic automation necessary. In addition, many electronic components can be compromised when coming into contact with dust. However, cleanroom robots are specially sealed and coated allowing for the safe manufacturing of these parts.


Those in the food industry have turned to robots in order to produce better quality food at higher rates and competitive prices for the consumer. Many industrial robot models have food-grade options, making them compliant with the stringent safety standards of the food industry. These robots are perfectly safe for the sorting, dispensing, cutting, and inspection of food processing. Robots can also be utilized for the packaging, palletizing, picking and placing of individual food items or boxes of packaged items.

Metal & Machinery

Applications being automated by the metal and machinery industry include arc welding, painting, and loading/unloading. The metals industry is one of the most demanding, particularly in the foundry sector. Harsh working conditions, labor-intensive tasks, and high demand makes this industry ideal for robotic automation. Robots relieve workers of tough jobs and improve the overall workforce safety of the industry.

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