Popular KUKA Robots

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KUKA has long been considered one of the top four robotic manufacturers in the world. Their robots are known for being innovative from their articulated models to their collaborative versions. KUKA robots have been deployed to serve many industries including automotive, logistics, and even the entertainment industry. Below is a list of some of their most successful robots and robot series.

KR60 Series

The KR60 robot series from KUKA features units designed for medium payload applications. The KUKA KR 60 is one of the top models from this series with a payload capacity of 60 kg to handle assembly, packaging, painting, coating, and material handling tasks. Two additional payload variants are offered in this robot family, including the 45 kg payload KUKA KR60 L45. These robots can be floor or ceiling mounted and are designed with a slim profile for better access to workpieces.

KR30 Series

The KR30 series is another popular medium payload series from KUKA. The KUKA Kr30-3 is the most well-known from the series, but additional payload variants are available. These robots are capable of assembly, cleanroom, coating, dispensing, packaging, painting, and material handling applications. The smaller footprint allows these industrial robots to be floor, wall, or ceiling mounted for greater integration flexibility and workpiece access. There is also a gantry robot version available in this series for those requiring an expanded work envelope.

LBR Series

KUKA’s LBR series features their line of collaborative robots that allow for the safe operation directly alongside humans. The KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R820 can assist workers with coating, inspection, and material handling applications. The numerous safety features of these robots make it possible for the removal of safety barriers for direct human and robot interaction. These robots can be floor, ceiling, or wall mounted allowing for greater workpiece access and precise operation. With an IP54 protection rating, these cobots are some of the most durable on the market.


The KUKA KR AGILUS series features an extensive line of compact 6-axis robots designed for fast operating speeds. Available in payload ranges from 6 kg to 10 kg, these robots are ideal for light painting, palletizing, packaging, inspection, assembly, and arc welding applications. Variants range in IP rating from IP54 to IP67 with cleanroom and waterproof models available, making these small robots quite durable. These robots enhance precision even within confined spaces, making them ideal for those with limited work area.


KUKA’s KR 150 is one of their popular robots due to its multi-application abilities and heavy payload capacity. This robot can be deployed for assembly, coating, foundry, machine loading, packaging, and material handling processes. Although this robot handles heavy payloads of up to 150 kg, it does not require much space with its compact base. It also features a lighter construction than its competitors being built with light alloy.


KUKA’s KR 360 is a popular automation solution for heavy lifting applications with a payload of up to 360 kg. Within the KR360 robot family there are standard, palletizing, machine press, and foundry versions available. These robots are durable and enhance productivity of many manufacturing processes from material handling to spot welding.

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