KUKA KR150 Overview

The 6-axis articulated KUKA KR150 is a multi-purpose industrial robot that you will want on your production floor. With a payload capacity of 150 kg, the KR-150 handles heavy lifting applications with ease. The Kr150 also features a reach of 2700 mm for an enhanced work envelope. This robot is floor mounted with forklift points built into its base for easy relocation if needed.

Its aluminum constructed arm reduces the weight of this robot. The arm design of the K-R-150 makes it faster and more energy efficient than other robots in its class. In addition to a lighter construction the K-R-150 arm is single sided to allow for a greater work envelope. Its arm design also provides easier access for maintenance and improved cable routing. This robot is similar in reach and payload to the FANUC R-2000ib/165F, Motoman HP 165, and the ABB IRB 6640-180/2.55. The KUKA kR150 arm is completely sealed making it IP65 rated.

The KR 150 is a popular KUKA robot model due to its versatility. The k-r/150 is capable of automating palletizing, milling, de-burring, machine tending, material handling, and foundry applications. The KR/150 is one of the top choices of manufacturers in the automotive industry.

The KUKA K-R 150 is compatible with the KUKA KR C2 Ed05 controller and KCP teach pendant. The KR C2 controller features a PC base with Windows software. While the KCP teach pendant provides a large color screen for easy programming.


Axes 6
Payload: 150 KG (330 lbs)
Reach: 2700 MM (106.29 in)
Repeatability: ±0.12mm (.0047 in)
Robot Mass: 1245 KG (2,744 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
A1 - 110 °/s (1.91 rad/s)
A2 - 110 °/s (1.91 rad/s)
A3 - 100 °/s (1.74 rad/s)
A4 - 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
A5 - 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
A6 - 238 °/s (4.15 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
A1 - ±185°
A2 - -120/70°
A3 - -119/155°
A4 - ±350°
A5 - ±125°
A6 - ±350°

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