KUKA KR210 Overview

The KUKA KR210 is a heavy payload 6-axis industrial robot built to handle the most demanding of tasks. Featuring a payload capacity of 210 kg and an extended reach of 2700 mm. The KUKA KR/210 is a serious industrial workhorse that is well suited for foundry applications.

The robot arm of the K-R-210 comes standard with an IP rating of 65, but there is an option to upgrade the arm to be IP67 rated for enhanced water and dust protection. Even though the KR-210 is a heavy-duty robot, its mass is reduced due to its aluminum constructed arm. This design makes it faster and more energy efficient than others in its class. This robot is similar in reach and payload to the FANUC R-2000ib/210F, Motoman HP 200, and the ABB IRB 6640-205/2.75

The KUKA k-r/210 is one of the most popular industrial robots, especially amongst automotive manufacturers. It is designed to handle a variety of robotic applications including foundry, material handling, palletizing, machine tending, spot welding, and packaging. The K-R/210 also provides flexibility with mounting options for inverted or floor operation.

KUKA’s KR C2 controller pairs with the KR.210 for user friendly functionality. The KR C2 controller features standard PC components including windows software. Its compact design allows for stacking helping to reduce the footprint of the K/R-210. The KUKA KR 210 also features the KCP teach pendant with a large color screen for simplified programming.


Axes 6
Payload: 210 KG (462 lbs)
Reach: 2700 MM (106.29 in)
Repeatability: ±0.12mm (.0047 in)
Robot Mass: 1267 KG (2,793 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
A1 - 86 °/s (1.50 rad/s)
A2 - 84 °/s (1.46 rad/s)
A3 - 84 °/s (1.46 rad/s)
A4 - 100 °/s (1.74 rad/s)
A5 - 100 °/s (1.74 rad/s)
A6 - 184 °/s (3.21 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
A1 - ±185°
A2 - -120/70°
A3 - -119/155°
A4 - ±350°
A5 - ±125°
A6 - ±350°

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