KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800

KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800

KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800 Overview

The KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800 is one of the newest collaborative robots. The lbr iiwa 7 r800 eliminates the need for barriers and makes it a reality for humans and robots to work alongside each other. It gives operators a third arm by being able to assist with many manufacturing processes.

The LBR-iiwa-7-R800 is built entirely from aluminum to keep its robot mass down to just 24 kg. Due to its lightweight it is extremely agile, following contours quickly under force control. Its kinematic system is designed to replicate the human arm. This design proves to be extremely flexible when it comes to achieving different tool positions and can operate in the tightest of spaces. This makes it ideal for those with limited space.

The KUKA LBR/iiwa/7/R800 features a payload capacity of 7 kg, a reach of 800 mm, and 7 axes. It offers versatility along production lines with the ability to be wall, floor, or ceiling mounted. The LBR-iiwa/7-R800 comes standard with an IP54 rating. This robot can be deployed for painting, palletizing, packaging, inspection, machining, and assembly applications.

There are a number of safety features that allow the KUKA LBR-iiwa-7/R800 to safely assist workers. Torque sensors are built into all 7 axes for movement and force detection from any angle. If unexpected force is detected, the robot will immediately stop, protecting workers from collision. Additional safety measures include a rounded shape that eliminates any pinch points.

The LBRiiwa7R800 is paired with KUKA’s Sunrise Cabinet controller for user-friendly operation. Programming is simplified through demonstration teaching, in which operators guide the robot with their hand.

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Axes 6
Payload: 7 KG (15.43 lbs)
Reach: 800 MM (31.49 in)
Repeatability: ±0.10mm (.0039 in)
Robot Mass: 24.00 KG (52.91 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
A1 98 °/s (1.71 rad/s)
A2 98 °/s (1.71 rad/s)
A3 100 °/s (1.74 rad/s)
A4 130 °/s (2.27 rad/s)
A5 140 °/s (2.44 rad/s)
A6 180 °/s (3.14 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
A1 - ±170°
A2 - ±120°
A3 - ±170°
A4 - ±120°
A5 - ±170°
A6 - ±120°

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