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Used Yaskawa Motoman Controllers

Yaskawa Motoman controllers are a key component of any Yaskawa Motoman robot. They are essentially the brains of the industrial robot that interpret programming code in order to instruct the Motoman MA1440 and other Yaskawa Motoman robots with how to complete a given application.

Controllers are included with any Yaskawa Motoman robotic system. However, some circumstances may call for a replacement robot controller. This may be due to a malfunctioning controller, purchasing a used robot without a controller, a controller that has completely broken down, or the desire to have a backup controller. In any of these circumstances a used Yaskawa Motoman controller is an excellent option. A used Yaskawa Motoman controller can save buyers between 40% to 70% of the cost of a new controller. They are also more likely to be compatible with used Yaskawa Motoman robots.

Yaskawa Motoman has developed several different controller models throughout their long history in robotic automation. Whether selecting a used controller as a replacement or purchasing an entire used robotic system it is good to know which used Yaskawa Motoman controllers are compatible with each Yaskawa Motoman robot. Not every controller can be paired with any Yaskawa Motoman robot.

  • • ERC Controller - The ERC controller was produced in 1988 through 1994. The ERC controller is mainly compatible with Yaskawa Motoman K series robots.

  • • MRC Controller - In 1994 Yaskawa Motoman replaced the ERC controller with the MRC controller. This controller was manufactured until 1998 and is compatible with their SK series robots.

  • • XRC Controller - The XRC controller replaced the MRC controller in 1998. This controller allows for up to four Yaskawa Motoman robots to be controlled simultaneously. Both the UP series and EA series robots are compatible with the XRC controls. The Motoman UP20 from the UP series features the XRC controller.

  • • NX100 Controller - In the mid-2000s, Yaskawa Motoman released the NX100 controller. This controller can handle up to four articulated robots or 36 axes total. Robots from the HP, UP, EA, EPL, and ES series are compatible with the NX100. Six axis robots from the EA and UP lines that are paired with the NX100 will be designated with an “N” at the end of the robot name as is the case with the Motoman UP50N.

  • • DX100 Controller - The DX100 controller was released in 2010. This controller and compatible robots are widely available on the second-hand market. Up to 72 axes can be controlled with a single DX100. The Yaskawa MH6 can be paired with the DX100 along with robots from the ES, MA, MH, HP, VA, and MPL series.

  • • DX200 Controller - The DX200 controller is the successor to the DX100 and was released in 2014. The Yaskawa MH50-2 and MA2010 can be paired with the DX200 controller. Since the DX200 is newer it is not as common to find used as the DX100 controller.

  • • FS100 Controller - The FS100 controller was released in 2011 for the control of Yaskawa Motoman’s small industrial robots. Small robots from the MH and HP series can be paired with the FS100.

  • • YRC1000 Controller - The YRC1000 controller is Yaskawa Motoman’s latest controller for its industrial robots. This controller is similar to the DX200 controller only faster and more powerful.

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