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Motoman Industrial Robots

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading industrial robot companies in the world. Motoman first began producing welding automation machinery in Europe in the mid to late 70s as a subdivision of the Japanese based automation company, Yaskawa Electric Corporation. The first robot they brought to market was the 5-axis Motoman L10. During the next several years they would go on to expand the L-Series, introduce their K-series, and develop the ERC controller that could control more axes than any other controller at the time.

In 1989 Yaskawa Motoman Inc. was founded as the American subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. This allowed Yaskawa to break into the North American robotics market and today they are the second largest industrial robot producer, behind FANUC, with over 400,000 robots installed worldwide. Since its inception, Yaskawa Motoman has expanded its locations within the United States, Canada, and Mexico with its headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Yaskawa Motoman is known for their reliable and innovative robots. They offer over 150 industrial robots as well as an extensive line of pre-engineered workcells. Buyers can select from articulated, collaborative, delta, and SCARA robot types. Yaskawa designs robots to handle just about any production related task for a variety of industries. Applications include robotic welding, material handling, material removal, robotic assembly, automated palletizing, and robotic packaging.

When it comes to advancing the scope of robotics, Yaskawa Motoman is the leader. They developed the first robot controller that could operate two robots simultaneously with their MRC controller. A decade later they followed that up with the NX100 controller, that can control up to four articulated robots. They have also developed a 7-axis robot, the VA1400, and the first dual arm industrial robot, the SDA20.

Yaskawa Motoman robots are precise, accurate, and durable, making them a smart investment for those looking to automate with industrial robots. Yaskawa robots can be in operation for several years to even several decades as many of their most successful robots are still in circulation on the second-hand market and fully operational.

The Yaskawa Motoman HP series is one of their most well-known. The HP series robots are great all around machines capable of performing material handling, material removal, and robotic arc welding applications. The HP6 and the HP50 are two of the most widely utilized models from the HP robot family.

What Yaskawa Motoman is most well-known for are their arc welding robots. They have been creating industrial robots and equipment for arc welding automation for over 25 years. Their EA, “Expert Arc,” and MA, “Master Arc,” are two of their robot lines specially designed for arc welding processes. These robots are precise and fast, for complete welding optimization. They also produce a line of turnkey weld cells, called the ArcWorld Series. Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorlds come with everything needed to fully automate an arc welding application including the six axis robot, welding and safety equipment. Automating arc welding with a Yaskawa MA1400 and an ArcWorld workcell provides an efficient and safe manufacturing solution.

In addition to industrial robots and workcells, Yaskawa Motoman also manufacturers servo driven positioners, servos, robotic software, and robotic vision systems. With an extensive and innovative product line, Yaskawa Motoman will remain a top choice for robotic automation solutions.

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