FANUC M Series vs Yaskawa Motoman HP Series

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Industrial robots from FANUC’s M series and Yaskawa Motoman’s HP series are popular for those looking to automate with a multipurpose robot. Multipurpose robots can perform several types of applications providing greater versatility for users. FANUC and Yaskawa Motoman are considered to be among the best robot brands, so it is not surprising many robotic users prefer the M series and UP series. Articulated robots from both of these lines do have some similarities and are fairly comparable to one another. However, there are some differences that set these two lines apart. Buyers cannot go wrong with selecting an industrial robot from either line and for many the ultimate decision maker may just be personal preference.


Both the FANUC M series and Yaskawa Motoman HP series feature various multipurpose robots. Each series has small industrial robots, medium robots, and larger robots for high payload applications. The FANUC M-20ia is a compact M series robot, while the Motoman HP20D is a comparable model from the HP series.

All six axis robots from Yaskawa Motoman’s HP series feature an articulated robot structure. Most robots in FANUC’s M series are articulated robots, but there are also delta and gantry robots. The FANUC M-2ia is a delta robot from the series. The FANUC M series also features a wider selection of multipurpose robots with several sub-series. Due to the bigger selection, buyers may be more likely to find a robot from the M series.

Yaskawa Motoman no longer manufacturers HP robots making them solely available through the second-hand market. Since HP robots can only be purchased used and due to the age of most models, HP robots can be very cost-effective. Purchasing a used Motoman HP50 can save buyers a significant amount of money. FANUC M robots can also be purchased used; however, many models are newer than the HP robots. With a used M series robot, buyers may be able to find a low hour robot.

Axis Configurations

Both the M series and HP series are comprised of six-axis robots. The HP series is solely made up of six-axis robots while the M series also has four-axis and five axis options. The FANUC M-410ib/160 is a four-axis robot from the M series.


The applications that each of these robot series can automate are fairly similar to one another. Both robot series are popular for material handling automation. They may also be used for assembly, pick and place, material removal, dispensing, machine tending, arc welding, and spot welding. In addition to these applications, many of the high payload FANUC M series robots are capable of palletizing automation. The FANUC M-410ib/700 is ideal for palletizing.

Payload Capacity

Both series feature light payload robots, heavy payload robots, and everything in between. FANUC M series payloads range from 1 kg up to 2300 kg. Yaskawa Motoman HP robots start at 3 kg and go up to 500 kg.


Each series features a wide range of reach capabilities with options for short arm, standard, and extended reaches. M series robot reaches start at just over 400 mm and go over 3,000 mm. HP robot reaches range from over 500 mm to around 3,500 mm.

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