FANUC industrial Robot What FANUC Robots can be used for Welding Automation? FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot

What FANUC Robots can be used for Welding Automation?

The term welding automation is synonymous with industrial robots. Robots are often used for welding automation to turn a manual welding application into one that is executed automatically. The goal of welding automation is to reduce or eliminate human involvement in order to improve weld quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Welding automation has become one of the primary uses for industrial robots. About half of all active articulated robots are used to automate welding applications. Since robotic welding is so common, there are many industrial robots capable of automating welding. FANUC is one of the top robotic manufacturer in the world. Their product line features hundreds of robots to choose from with many suitable for welding applications. Robots from their Arc Mate, M, S, and R series can be used for welding automation.

FANUC Arc Mate Robots

The Arc Mate series is FANUC’s line of robots that are mainly dedicated to arc welding automation. These robots can be used for MIG, TIG, plasma, and other arc welding applications. These robots can also automate plasma cutting. Some models in the series can even be used for assembly, laser welding, and waterjet cutting. The FANUC Arcmate 120ib is one of the first six axis robots of the series that is mainly available on the used robot market. Its successors include the FANUC Arcmate 120ic and more recently the Arcmate 120id. There are a variety of arc welding robots that make up this series with standard models as well as extended reach and short arm variants. Payload capacity starts at 6 kg and go up to 35 kg with the FANUC Arcmate 120id/35.

FANUC M Robots

Those looking for a multipurpose robot capable of welding automation should consider robots from the FANUC M series. The FANUC M series is one of their most extensive lines with multiple subseries. FANUC M series robots are mainly used for material handling applications; however, many are also capable of automating welding. Models from the M-10, M-20, M-710, and M-6 subseries can be used for arc welding applications. The FANUC M-10ia is similar to the 100ic from the Arc Mate series. The advantage of the M welding robots is they can automate a variety of other production related tasks for greater versatility. The FANUC M-710ic/20L is a very long reach robot that can be used for arc welding applications.

FANUC R Robots

The FANUC R series is one of the most successful robot lines. This series features several medium to heavy payload multipurpose robots. What makes these robots standout from others in their class and what has driven their success is their narrower footprint despite having heavier payloads. Many of the R series robots can be used to automate spot welding processes. The FANUC R-2000ib/210F and R-2000ic/165F can both be deployed for spot welding automation among others from the series. These robots provide the payload and reach needed for spot welding while consuming less floorspace than other spot welding robots.

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