FANUC Arc Mate 100i vs Arc Mate 120i

FANUC Arcmate 100ic FANUC Arcmate 120ic
FANUC’s Arc Mate series features a product line of several articulated robots designed specifically for arc welding. The Arc Mate robots can be used to automate traditional arc welding processes such as TIG, MIG, and plasma welding. In addition, these robots can automate the newer and less conventional laser welding method. Arc Mates can also be used for the material removal applications including automated laser and plasma cutting. The Arc Mate series features some of FANUC’s most popular robot models as they can automate several steps involved with the metal fabrication process. FANUC’s arc welding robots are compatible with most major weld equipment brands, allowing for easier integration and another reason for their popularity.

The two main models from the Arc Mate series are the Arc Mate 100i and the Arc Mate 120i. Both robots are the base models for their respective sub-series within the FANUC Arc Mate family. There are four generations for both of these robots along with several variations based upon them. While both the Arc Mate 100i and 120i can be used to automate arc welding applications there are some key differences between them.

FANUC Arc Mate 100i Robots

The FANUC Arc Mate 100i robots are designed for automating light payload arc welding and material removal applications. These robots feature a compact work envelope with slim arms and wrists which is ideal for operating in narrow workspaces. The Arc Mate 100i is the original robot from the Arc Mate 100’s and features a 6 kg with a reach of 1,368 mm. The Arc Mate 100iB is the second generation in the series and features a slightly longer reach of 1,373 mm. The reach and payload were both upgraded with the release of the FANUC Arc Mate 100iC which has a 1,420 mm reach and 10 kg payload capacity. The latest installment is the Arc Mate 100iD which has a slightly higher payload of 12 kg and a longer reach at 1,441 mm.

Each generation of Arc Mate robots features several variations of the base model. For those with more compact work envelopes, the Arcmate 100ic/10S is a short arm variation. For those needing an extended reach robot without the increase in payload, there is the Arcmate 100ic/6L. There are also options for slightly lower or higher payloads.

FANUC Arc Mate 120i Robots

Like the Arc Mate 100’s the FANUC Arc Mate 120’s started with the Arc Mate 120i and have now expanded to the fourth generation Arc Mate 120iD. The Arc Mate 120’s features a higher payload capacity and longer reach than the Arc Mate 100i robots. Payloads start at 16 kg and go up to 35 kg making these robots ideal for those automating light to medium arc welding applications. The reaches for these six axis robots range from 1,605 mm to 2,009 mm. The Arcmate 120ib and Arcmate 120ic are both very popular for welding automation. These robots can handle heavier tooling and workpieces as well as larger work envelopes than the Arc Mate 100i robots. Variations of the Arc Mate 120i robots mainly consist of long arm options such as the Arcmate 120ic/10L.

When it comes to welding automation, FANUC Arc Mate 100i and Arc Mate 120i robots are some of the best in the industry. When deciding which robot to automate with the deciding factors will mainly consist of the payload capacity and work envelope needed for your application.

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