Comparing the Yaskawa Motoman HP and GP Robots

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The Yaskawa Motoman HP and GP series both feature a wide variety of multipurpose industrial robots. The HP series is an older line of general purpose robots from Yaskawa Motoman while the GP series features some of their latest general purpose robotic manipulator technology. Below is a look at how these two articulated robot lines compare to one another.

Yaskawa Motoman HP Robots

The Yaskawa Motoman HP series consists of several six axis industrial robots. Payloads for the series range from light starting at 3 kg with the Motoman HP3 to incredibly heavy going up to 600 kg. The Motoman HP200 is one of the heavy payload robots of the series. With an incredibly wide payload range there is a HP industrial robot arm for just about any workload. The HP robots also vary quite a bit when it comes to robot reach starting at 532 mm and going up to 3,036 mm. The shorter reach HP handling robots are ideal for small work areas while the longer reach HP robots can easily handle large parts and work envelopes. The Motoman HP6 is one of the shorter reach robots of the series while the HP50-20 is a longer reaching robot.

The Yaskawa Motoman HP industrial robotic arms can be paired with either the NX100 or DX100 controllers. The HP robots that are compatible with the DX100 controller are designated with a ā€œDā€ at the end of their model name. For instance, the Yaskawa HP20D.

The Yaskawa Motoman HP series robots can automate a variety of application types. They are primarily used for automating material handling, palletizing, and packaging. However, they can also automate material removal, assembly, machine tending, and pick and place processes.

Yaskawa Motoman GP Robots

The Yaskawa Motoman GP series was first released in 2017. It features an extensive line of fast, efficient general purpose industrial robots. Several of the factory robots within the series feature best in class speed including the Yaskawa GP7. Axis speeds were increased over the HP manufacturing robot arms along with improved acceleration and deceleration control. Payloads start at 4 kg and go up to 600 kg, offering a similar range as the HP robots. While reaches start at 550 mm and go up to 3,140 mm. The GP series features some extended reach robots such as the Yaskawa GP35L. Within the GP series are three robots specifically designed for shelf mounting to save floorspace. These are the GP165R, GP200R, and GP400R. There is also the seven-axis GP110B which provides an increased range of motion for obstacle avoidance and better part access. The rest of the GP robots feature six axes.

Compatible controllers for the GP series robots include the Yaskawa YRC1000 and YRC1000micro. Both feature a compact footprint that when paired with the slim profile of the GP robots significantly reduces the space requirements for the robotic system overall.

Like the HP robots, the GP robots are capable of automating multiple applications. These include material handling, assembly, machine tending, press tending, dispensing, and material removal. Most of the GP robots come standard with a IP67 rated wrist and an IP54 rated body, allowing them to automate processes in harsh or sanitary environments.

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