Comparing FANUC and Motoman Robots

selling a used Motoman robot used FANUC robot selling a used Motoman robot FANUC robot selling a used Motoman robot

FANUC and Motoman are considered two of the top robotic manufacturers in the world. Both robotics companies have over 400,000 robots installed across the globe. Their robots are commonly seen on automotive, aerospace, food, and consumer goods production lines. The reason for their popularity is due to their reputation for building innovative, reliable, and durable robots that cover an expansive list of applications. These applications include assembly, welding, material handling, material removal, pick and place, painting, palletizing, and spot welding among several others. While these two robot manufacturers may have many similarities including both being Japanese based, each has found their own niche within the robotic industry.

FANUC Robots

FANUC has held the number one spot out of the top robotic manufacturers for years due to their reputation of building the strongest 6-axis robots in the world. With over a hundred robot models available they offer the most expansive line of robots. Their robot lines are categorized into three groups, articulated, specialty, and delta. These models cover small payload applications of 0.5 kg to extremely heavy payloads of 2300 kg. This is why FANUC is known for their palletizing robots like the M-410ib/300, as well as their smaller assembly robots such as the LR Mate 200ic.

FANUC’s most successful robots comprise their R-2000iA and R-2000iB lines. The R-2000 robots are considered the workhorses of the industrial world with their high payloads and can handle a variety of applications including spot welding, material removal, and material handling. FANUC builds on its reputation for durability with these units since they are protected from severe dust and liquid intrusion. The innovative compact design of these units allows them to operate with high payloads, but to also be able to work in confined spaces. In addition, the FANUC Arcmate Series is one of the most popular classes of arc welding robots around boasting models such as the Arc Mate 100ic and Arc Mate 120ic.

Motoman Robots

Although Motoman’s robot line is not as extensive as FANUC’s they still offer a diverse selection of robots with payload ranges between 0.5 kg to 900 kg. In addition to a variety of payload options they also provide range of motion selections from 4 to 15 axis robots. One of their latest innovations is their 15-axis dual arm SDA series designed for making quick work of material handling applications.

Motoman categorizes their robots into four groups, assembly and handling, welding and cutting, packaging and palletizing, and painting and dispensing. Even though Motoman builds a variety of robot models, they are best known for their arc welding robots, such as the MA1400. Arc welding robots is what Motoman first became recognized for in the 1970s and that continues today. In fact, they produce more welding robots than any other company. Their MA2010 is ideal for welding in tight spaces with its slim arm and extended reach. Motoman’s arc welding robots have a reputation of producing high quality welds and being durable due to their single cabling. This cabling runs through the robot arm for increased range of motion. Internalizing the robot cabling allows for longer runtimes for Motoman robots since it reduces wear and tear. Their Arcworld welding cell line continues to be one of the top in the world.

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