Best Robotic Welding Equipment Brands

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
Automating a welding application involves more than just selecting an industrial robot. While the welding robot is a critical component of any robotic welding system, there are other pieces of equipment needed to complete the welding package. A weld torch, power supply, wire feeder, and robotic positioner are the basic equipment requirements needed for any robotic welding system. Having to select several pieces of equipment in addition to the articulated robot and making sure they are all compatible to one another may seem overwhelming especially if you are new to robotic automation. Below is a look at some of the best robotic welding equipment brands. Knowing the brands trusted the most for welding automation can help ease and narrow down the selection process.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric manufacturers robotic welding power supplies, wire feeders, positioners, and pre-engineered weld cells. Their welding equipment is most compatible with FANUC welding robots. Their PowerWave series features several power supplies used to automate various welding processes including MIG, TIG, and flux cored welding. The Lincoln Powerwave i400 can be integrated with the FANUC M710ic/20L for arc welding automation. Their pre-engineered weld cells come pre-built with all equipment needed to automate a welding process already integrated, including a FANUC Arc Mate robot. The FANUC Arcmate 100ic and Arcmate 120ic are two FANUC Arc Mate robots that are commonly integrated with Lincoln weld cells.


Miller is another popular welding equipment manufacturer. Their robotic welding automation solutions include peripheral equipment such as power supplies and wire feeders. Their power supplies can be used for various arc welding applications including automated MIG and FCAW processes. Their Auto Axcess and Auto Continuum are two of their most popular lines of robotic power supplies. Miller power supplies are compatible with FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, and ABB welding robots. The Miller Auto-Axcess 450 integrates nicely with the ABB 1600 for MIG welding. While the Miller Auto-Continuum 350 is compatible with the Yaskawa Motoman MA1440. Miller welding equipment is often used by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment industries.


Fronius manufacturers power supplies for robotic welding automation. Their power supplies can be integrated with industrial robots in order to automate TIG, MIG, MAG, plasma, and laser welding applications. Fronius power supplies can be integrated with FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, and ABB robots, among other robotic brands. Fronius’ CMT power supplies limit the amount of spatter during welding by keeping the amount of time heat is applied to a minimum, which is how they got their name as CMT stands for “Cold Metal Transfer.” The Fronius CMT 3200 can be integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic/12L or the Motoman MA3100 for welding automation.

Genesis Systems

Genesis Systems manufacturers complete welding systems with their turnkey weld cells. They are the largest robotic weld cell manufacturer in the U.S. Genesis’ weld cells are typically designed with either a FANUC or Panasonic robot. The FANUC Arcmate 100ic/6L and Arcmate 120ib are two FANUC robots that are commonly integrated in Genesis weld cells. Genesis weld cells can also be integrated with Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, or KUKA robots, but those cells are more customized. Genesis incorporates welding equipment from other manufacturers into their weld cells including power supplies from Lincoln and Miller. Genesis currently has three lines of pre-engineered cells for customers to choose from.

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