Miller Auto Continuum 350

Miller Auto Continuum 350

Miller Auto Continuum 350 Overview

The Miller Auto Continuum 350 is part of Miller’s latest line of power supplies for robotic welding. The Auto Continuum-350 is designed for robotic MIG, pulsed MIG, and automated FCAW applications. Not only can the Auto-Continuum 350 be used for welding automation, but it can also be deployed for manual welding.

The Miller Auto continuum/350 features a modern design with a digital interface that delivers a reliable performance for better weld quality. It produces more power at higher duty cycles, guaranteeing better quality welds than its competitors. The Auto-Continuum-350 reduces the amount of spatter produced during welding with its low-inertia motor. Its motor also ensures faster response times and improved arc starts. Versa-Pulse and Accu-Pulse features help to reduce weld defects by automatically adjusting to irregular parts, wide gaps, and weld tacks. This robotic welder can be integrated with used Motoman robots such as the MA1400 or HP20D

With the Miller Auto-Continuum/350 welding automation becomes more intelligent with its Insight Core management system that comes standard. Productivity, quality, and cost management are all improved through the Insight Core technology of the Auto Continuum/350. The USB interface of the Miller Auto Continuum350 simplifies the process of adding new programs or steps to the power supply for welding automation. This robotic welding supply also integrates with FANUC welding robots such as the Arcmate 100ic or the M-710ic/20L.
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