Fronius CMT 3200

Fronius CMT 3200 Overview

The Fronius TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT is a completely digital and microprocessor-controlled welding power source for short circuit, spray, and pulsed arcs. This power source is designed for multiple robotic welding applications including MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding. Featuring a welding output of 320 A, the Transpuls 3200-CMT can produce spatter free welding of metal sheets that are 0.3 mm or thicker. Aluminum, steel, and other special metals can be welded with the Fronius TransPuls-3200-CMT.

Spatter free welding is achieved with the Fronius TransPuls/3200 CMT due to the limited use of heat. CMT stands for Cold Metal Transfer, a process that briefly inserts heat into the wire movement of the process control. Metal transfer occurs with little flow of the current resulting in spatter-free, high-quality welds. The Fronius TransPuls Synergic 3200CMT is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, pipeline, and metal industries. This welder is a top choice for most robotic arc welding applications

Additional features of the TransPuls-3200/CMT include multi-voltage functionality, remote control, and synergic operation. Multi-voltage allows for worldwide adaptability as it can be switched over to various main voltages. Synergic operation optimizes welding with selections for material and thickness for automatic welding process controls. The Fronius TransPuls 3200cmt integrates well with a FANUC Arcmate 120ic or a FANUC Arcmate 100ic for precision welding.

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