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Benefits of FANUC Robots

FANUC is the top robot manufacturers in the world and for good reason. Automating a manufacturing application with a FANUC robot brings a number of benefits for an optimized production process.

Faster Cycle Times

FANUC robots operate at much faster speeds than human workers. Faster operating speeds means higher throughput rates to significantly speed up cycle times. A single FANUC M710ic can handle the same workload that would take two to three workers to complete since its speed allows for more parts to be processed in less time. Cutting down on the amount of time it takes to convert raw materials into finished goods can save manufacturers money and increase the overall productivity of a manufacturing process.

Reduced Costs

Automating a manufacturing process with robots will lead to reduced costs in the long run. Since a FANUC R-2000ib/165F does not require a salary or benefits, labor costs are dramatically reduced. Production costs related to materials and utilities can also see reductions by implementing FANUC robots to production lines. Eliminating human interaction prevents errors from occurring that cause wasted materials or defective parts. FANUC robots are programmed for precision and accuracy ensuring all parts are manufactured correctly the first time around. Utilities such as electric can be saved as FANUC robots can operate in dim light or in hot or cold conditions. Integrating used FANUC robots can reduce the upfront cost of robotic automation. In addition, most used FANUC robots for sale include integration equipment from previous applications, potentially further reducing costs.

Improved Quality Control

Quality control can be hard to regulate in manufacturing with manual labor. Parts will deviate from one another as humans cannot replicate their work with each part. Lack of focus can also cause quality control issues to be missed. FANUC robots are programmed to operate with precision. Each part is completed accurately, ensuring all parts will meet the same quality standards for uniform product lines. Integrating FANUC robots with robotic vision systems or force sensors can enhance their performance for even greater quality control. A FANUC Lr Mate 200id can even be used to perform product automated inspections.


FANUC builds some of the most reliable industrial robots. Their articulated robots can be in operation for several years to several decades. For instance, the FANUC Arcmate 120ib has not been in production for years but is still widely used on manufacturing floors. Not only are FANUC robots long-lasting, but their performance is reliable too. Manufacturers can count on FANUC robots to produce high-quality parts with every cycle run.


Flexible automation is key for manufacturers to be able to stay competitive in the age of frequent product line changes. FANUC robot models are able to perform several different types of automated applications. One six axis robot can be used to complete multiple steps of a manufacturing process. For example, a FANUC Arcmate 120ic can cut and weld parts. FANUC robots can also be redeployed to adapt to application or process changes.

Easier Maintenance

FANUC robots are relatively easy to maintain. As mentioned above, they are extremely reliable, but in the chance an issue arises they are one of the easiest brands to troubleshoot. In addition, FANUC used robotic parts are widely available on the second-hand market through robot equipment suppliers, like Robots Done Right. So even as your FANUC robot ages, it will still be possible to source replacement parts.

Advanced Software

FANUC robots are available with many advanced software options to boost their performance. FANUC’s Collision Guard software allows several of their factory robots to operate in close proximity to one another without interference. Their ROBOGUIDE reduces programming and setup time through simulation software.

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