Used FANUC Robot Parts

Robots Done Right sells used FANUC robot parts. Used FANUC parts are the perfect replacement for broken or misplaced units. Click on the category before to explore FANUC robot parts for sale:

FANUC Used Robot Parts

FANUC is one of the top robotic suppliers in the world. In fact, they have one of the largest install bases across numerous industries. With so many of their robots in manufacturing there is a huge demand for used FANUC parts.

FANUC used parts can be used to replace controller, teach pendant, or robot components. Some of the most common FANUC parts available on the second-hand market include control boards, E-stops, CPUs, operator panels, power supplies, servo amplifiers, teach pendants, transformers, RV reducers, castings, and cables, among many others. All FANUC parts are identified with a part number that starts with the letter “A.” The first four characters of the number will indicate the part type.

Purchasing used FANUC robot parts is a great alternative to new ones and does not mean quality will be sacrificed. Many used parts are still in good condition and fully functional. Manufacturers may look to sell their robot parts if they are looking to downsize their robot system if the equipment is no longer in use. Others may be looking to sell parts to free up capital in order to upgrade their robotic system. Others may have purchased parts as spares and no longer need to have them on-hand. Purchasing used FANUC parts from a reputable company, such as Robots Done Right, will ensure you are buying a quality part.

FANUC used parts can be used to replace a faulty part or help repair your FANUC robot to get it up and running again. FANUC robots are reliable and can operate for several years to several decades. However, this does not mean they will be immune from needing repairs every once in a while. Purchasing used FANUC parts allows older robot models to keep operating for many years. The FANUC LR Mate 200ic and the FANUC Arc Mate 120ib are two models that have been out of production for years but are still widely used on manufacturing floors. Used parts allow users to keep operating with these models as new parts may not be compatible with them. This prevents users from having to replace their entire robotic system before they are ready to do so. Other FANUC robots that can be integrated with used parts include the M-10ia, M-710ic/50, and Arcmate 100ic.

Purchasing used FANUC parts can save a significant amount of money as opposed to buying new. It is estimated buyers can save between 40% to 70% when purchasing used FANUC parts. Some manufacturers choose to buy used parts to have them readily available as spares. This helps prevent production delays by having the parts onsite should a repair be needed. For instance, if the cabling is worn for a FANUC R-2000ib it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Having an extra cable on-hand allows the repair to take place quickly without having to wait for the part to arrive. The cost savings of used parts makes it more feasible for companies to stock spares.

For buyers of used FANUC robots that were sold in “as is” condition or as the “robot only,” used parts may be necessary to get them fully functioning again. Buyers can still keep their costs low and find suitable controllers, teach pendants, or other robot components through used FANUC parts.

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