FANUC Teach Pendants

Teach pendants are an essential component of any FANUC robotic system. They are the handheld devices that are part of a FANUC robot controller. FANUC teach pendants are the most common programming method for FANUC robots. In addition to application programming, FANUC pendants can be used to interact and troubleshoot industrial robots.

All FANUC teach pendants feature a display screen, E-stop button, keypad, and a USB port. The display screen contains all the important information needed to program and communicate with FANUC robots. Operators can view and select menu options for setting up, programming, and troubleshooting. The E-stop button is a key safety feature to prevent robot collisions with peripherals. When pressed the E-stop will immediately halt the robot’s operation, preventing any accidents. The keypad is used to input application commands as well as select the various menu options. The USB port allows for the backing up and storing of robot data.

There are three model types of teach pendants available for FANUC robots. Robot compatibility is based upon the robot’s controller model. FANUC’s Legacy teach pendant is their older model. The Legacy pendant is used with FANUC’s R-J2, R-J3, R-J3iB, R-J3iC, and R-30iA controllers(in some cases). It is the most common FANUC teach pendant since it is compatible with most FANUC controllers. The FANUC R-2000ia and Arcmate 120ib are two of their six axis robots that use the Legacy teach pendant.

FANUC’s latest teach pendant is their iPendant model. The iPendant comes standard with articulated robots using either the R-30ia, R-30iB or R-30iB Plus controllers which includes the FANUC Lr Mate 200id and Arcmate 120ic. This teach pendant features a touchscreen display for a more user-friendly interface and faster navigation. A 4D graphics display provides more vivid imagery.

FANUC’s third teach pendant model is their Haptic iPendant. It features the same functionality as the iPendant but with alerts through vibration. The Haptic iPendant can vibrate to alert operators when certain errors or conditions occur, allowing operators to better focus on programming. The Haptic iPendant is also compatible with R-30iB and R-30iB Plus robots.

FANUC’s innovative teach pendants allow for easier use of their robots for the successful robotic automation of production related tasks. Their teach pendants are compact and lightweight, allowing operators to easily handle the devices. Programming with a FANUC teach pendant provides the operator access to the robot, being able to observe its movements to ensure accurate programming and robot operation. Just as FANUC continues to improve their industrial robots, the same goes for their teach pendants, keeping FANUC amongst the top robotic manufacturers in the world.

Robots Done Right carries a wide selection of used FANUC teach pendants. RDR has teach pendants for R-J2, R-J3, RJ3iB, R-30iA, R-J3iC, and R-30iB controlled robots. Those looking for a teach pendant for the FANUC M-20ia or the M-710ic/50 can find it at Robots Done Right along with ones for other used FANUC robots. Buying a used pendant is ideal for those needing a replacement for a damaged or missing teach pendant, especially for those with older FANUC robots. Purchasing a used teach pendant is also a more affordable option than buying brand new.

Robots Done Right sells used FANUC teach pendants. Replacement FANUC teach pendants are available for FANUC RJ, RJ2, RJ3, RJ3IB, RJ3IC, R30ia, and R30ib controlled robots. Please click on the below models for more information.
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