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FANUC M-20ia

The FANUC M-20iA series features several multipurpose robot models that are considered to be best in their class in terms of their payload capacity, reach, and speed. The M-20iA series industrial robots are some of FANUC’s most popular robot models. The series features several 6-axis articulated industrial robots designed to automate light to medium payload applications.

The main robot of the series is the M-20iA itself. The FANUC M-20iA features a 20 kg payload, an 1,811 mm reach, and a repeatability of 0.08 mm. The compact design of the M-20iA makes it ideal for operating within narrow spaces. It also features floor, wall, and overhead mounting options, making it easy to integrate along any production line. The ABB 2600-20 and the Motoman HP20D are considered competitors to FANUC’s M-20iA robot.

The FANUC M-20iA series also includes several variants to the M-20iA. Additional models include the M-20iA/10L, M-20iA/12L, M-20iA/20M, M-20iA/20T, and the M-20iA/35M. The FANUC M-20iA/10L and M-20iA/12L are both longer reach variations with an extended reach of 2,009 mm. Both models feature slightly lighter payload capacities at 10 kg and 12 kg. These M-20 robots are ideal for those needing a slightly larger work envelope.

The FANUC M-20iA/20M is the high inertia variant of the M-20iA. While its specifications are similar to the M-20iA, it is able to handle larger workpieces due to its high inertia wrist. The FANUC M-20iA/20T stands out from the other models in the series since it is a track mounted gantry robot. The track allows this robot to travel at fast speeds and over a larger work area while mounted overhead. The final model of this series is the FANUC M-20iA/35M. It features a payload of 35 kg for those that want the features of the M-20iA but need a slightly heavier payload capacity.

The articulated robots of the FANUC M-20iA series are extremely versatile and can automate several types of robotic applications. They are most commonly deployed for robotic assembly, automated material handling, and robotic cutting. Additional applications include robotic machine tending, automated material removal, robotic dispensing, and automated packaging. The M-20iA series robots pair with either the FANUC R-30iA or R-30iB controllers, making programming applications and operating relatively simple.

The design of the M-20iA robots completely optimizes their operation. The FANUC M-20iA robots are configured with a hollow upper arm and wrist. The hollow design allows for the internalization of cabling and dressout packages. This prevents any operation disruptions due to cable interference. It also prevents cable snagging and wear and tear to extend cable life and help keep maintenance costs low. The hollow arm and wrist also make EOAT integration easier along with better end-effector stability.

The design of the M-20iA robots also features a convenient shelf on the back of the upper arm of the six axis robot. This shelf allows for the easy mounting of peripheral equipment, such as EOAT control equipment. This helps to streamline robot peripherals to prevent any interferences with the robot’s operation.

The FANUC M-20iA series robots are built to optimize many production related tasks. Their speed, repeatability, and accuracy will result in an overall efficient manufacturing process.

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