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Used Yaskawa Motoman Robots

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the four major robotic manufacturers in the world. Their industrial robots have been automating manufacturing processes for decades. Their articulated robots are some of the most sought after as they are highly reliable, durable, and intelligent.

Used Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots are an excellent option for automating production related tasks. Yaskawa Motoman robots are incredibly well-built allowing them to operate for decades, especially when well maintained. The high demand for industrial robots has expanded the used robot market. Many manufacturers are opting for the short lead times and affordable prices of used Yaskawa Motoman robots.

Yaskawa Motoman manufacturers several different types of industrial robots. Their articulated robots are the most common on the used robot market. However, their delta, SCARA, and dual arm models can also be found in second-hand condition. Yaskawa Motoman robots that are paired with ERC, MRC, XRC, NX100, DX100, and DX200 controllers are possible to buy used. Yaskawa Motoman robots compatible with ERC or MRC controls are scarcer as these were manufactured in the early 1990s and the controller technology has since become obsolete. Robots paired with their XRC controller are more common than ERC and MRC robots. These robots were mainly manufactured in the late 1990s to early 2000s. The Motoman UP20 is a popular used XRC robot. Used Yaskawa Motoman robots using NX100, DX100, and DX200 controls will be the most frequently available on the used robot market. DX100 and DX200 Yaskawa Motoman robots have been manufactured more recently and feature more advanced technology. The Yaskawa MA1400 is a DX100 robot that can be purchased used. While the used Yaskawa MA2010 is compatible with DX200 controllers. Older Yaskawa Motoman robots, such as those using XRC controls, may be purchased at an incredibly affordable price. While more recently manufactured used Yasakawa Motoman robots may have low operation hours.

Used Yaskawa Motoman robots can automate a wide variety of applications. These include arc welding, spot welding, palletizing, assembly, painting, material removal, and material handling. Robots Done Right carries used Yaskawa Motoman robots from the EA, MA, and VA lines which are all dedicated to arc welding automation. The used Motoman MH50 can be purchased through RDR. For material handling automation, RDR sells used robots from Yaskawa Motoman’s MH, HP, and UP series. For automated palletizing applications used robots are available from the EPL and MPL lines. While those looking to automate spot welding can consider a used Yaskawa Motoman robot from their ES series.

One of the main reasons to buy a used Yaskawa Motoman robot is because of the cost savings. Buying a used robot saves around 50% of the cost of buying new, making automating more affordable. Some may need to buy used to replace a pre-existing robot in their current system. With used robots, buyers can replace a Motoman MH6 with the exact same model or one that is similar, sparing any pre-existing equipment of the robotic system and the time to learn a new robot. Others prefer to buy used Yaskawa Motoman robots since the turnaround time is quick. New robots can have long lead times or delays as many are not always in stock.

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