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Popular Yaskawa Motoman Robots for Material Handling

Yaskawa Motoman is a world-renowned robotic manufacturer offering automation solutions that can be applied to just about all industries. Yaskawa Motoman offers a wide selection of industrial robots for automating manufacturing processes. Many of Yaskawa Motoman’s robots are capable of automating material handling applications. Automating material handling processes improves manufacturing efficiency, speeds up cycle times, and increases productivity, among many other benefits. Some of the most popular Yaskawa Motoman robots for material handling come from their UP, HP, and MH robot lines.

UP Robots

Yaskawa Motoman’s UP robots are some of their most well-known. Most of the articulated robots from the UP series are no longer manufactured by Yaskawa Motoman but are still popular amongst robotic users for material handling automation. UP robots can be found on the used robot market, where they are frequently sought out by buyers. UP robots are incredibly versatile and are capable of automating general material handling applications as well as machine tending, robotic assembly, part transfer, and palletizing. Payload capacities for this series range from lightweight starting at 6 kg and going up to 500 kg. The Motoman UP350N is one of the heavy lifters of the series, making it ideal for high payload applications. The Motoman Up20 is one of the medium payload robots of the series. Benefits of the UP robots include fast axis speeds, slender footprints, and large work envelopes.

HP Robots

Yaskawa Motoman’s HP series features a line of some of their most versatile material handling robots. This line contains several robotic handling arms in a wide range of payloads and reaches. Users can find an HP robot for just about any material handling process including those with light payloads, medium payloads, heavy payloads, compact work envelopes, or large work envelopes. Payload capacities for the series start at 3 kg with the Motoman HP3 and can go up to 600 kg. Reaches start at 701 mm for those needing a short arm robot for compact work areas. For those with large work envelopes, the HP series features several extended reach robots with the ability to reach over 3,100 mm. The Motoman HP50-20 is one of the extended reach robots of the series. The long reach and high payload of the Motoman HP165 make it ideal for large part handling.

MH Robots

The Yaskawa Motoman MH robots are designed specifically for material handling applications. These six axis robots can automate general part handling tasks as well as part transfer, picking, packaging, machine tending, and palletizing. Like other Yaskawa Motoman material handling robot lines, there is a MH robot for just about any payload and reach. Compact models include the Yaskawa MH5 and feature light payloads and short robotic arms for operating in confined spaces. The high payload robots of the series feature longer reaches for large/heavy part handling. The Yaskawa MH180 is ideal for automating palletizing processes. Higher production outputs can be achieved by automating a material handling application with a Yaskawa Motoman MH robot. These robots can optimize material handling through their fast, powerful, and reliable operation.

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