FANUC R-2000iA Series vs FANUC R-2000iB Series

FANUC is known for their industry leading industrial robots which have made them one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world. Their R-2000i robot family has been their most successful with several medium to heavy multipurpose robots to choose from. The series originally debuted with the FANUC R-2000iA robots. The original line was so well received, FANUC launched a second line with their R-2000iB series.

FANUC R-2000iA Series

The R-2000iA robots were the first in the now world-renowned R-2000i line. The FANUC R-2000ia/165F is the base model of the series with several variations built upon it. What makes the R-2000iA robots standout from other heavy payload robots is their slim profile along with their slender arm and wrist. This allows manufacturers to save on floorspace without having to sacrifice payload capacity or reach. Articulated robots in the R-2000iA series feature payloads between 125 kg up to 210 kg. They also offer longer reaches for larger work envelopes with a range between 2,483 mm to 3,095 mm.

The FANUC R-2000iA robots are some of the hardest working with the ability to automate several manufacturing applications including material handling, spot welding, arc welding, and material removal. The FANUC R2000ia/210F is ideal for heavy material handling applications. The R-2000iA series features several variants including the rack mounted FANUC R-2000ia/165R and the extended reach R-2000ia/125L.

Robots from the R-2000iA series are paired with FANUC’s R-J3iB controller. These six axis robots were designed with fewer mechanical components to keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum. The R-2000iA series robots are incredibly well-built and although FANUC no longer manufacturers the original line, these robots are still common along production floors and in the used robot market.

FANUC R-2000iB Series

After the success of the R-2000iA robots, FANUC improved upon the series and released the R-2000iB series as the second generation of the R-2000i robots. With the R-2000iB robots, FANUC improved upon the features of the R-2000iA series. Like the R-2000iA line, the R-2000iB robots were built for medium to heavy payload applications and maintain the same slim profile and robotic arm. The FANUC R-2000ib.165F is the successor to the R-2000ia/165F and the base model for the series. Payloads for the R-2000iB robots start slightly lower than the R-2000iA series at 100 kg and go up slightly higher to 250 kg. Reaches for the R-2000iB robots also vary more than their predecessors starting at 1,520 mm and going up to 3,500 mm.

The R-2000iB robots can automate the same types of applications as the R-2000iA robots including robotic palletizing and automated injection molding. The R-2000iB series features more variations than the R-2000iA series. The series includes the extended reach FANUC R-2000ib/185L and rack mounted R-2000ib/165R. The series also includes 5-axis, pedestal mounted, and wash environment models.

The R-2000iB robots were designed to improve cycle times by at least 5% from their predecessors. This was achieved by adding vibration control which allows the robots to accelerate and decelerate quickly without causing vibration. The R-2000iB robots are compatible with the R-30iA, R-J3iC, and R-30iB controllers.

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