Comparison of the FANUC R-2000iC & R-2000iD Robots

The FANUC R-2000iC and R-2000iD robots are two of the latest generations of industrial robots in FANUC’s incredibly successful R-2000i series. Making up the third and fourth installment of R-2000i robots, they feature improvements to the design and functionality of their predecessors. Below is a comparison of some of the features between these two generations of R-2000i robots.


Both the R-2000iC series and R-2000iD series were designed with a compact footprint, for their reach and payload capabilities. The FANUC R-2000iC robots have a smaller footprint than the robots form both the R-2000iA and R-2000iB lines. The R-2000iC robots can be installed along production lines without taking up significant floorspace. When FANUC designed the R-2000iD series, they once again reduced the robotic footprint. The FANUC R-2000iD robots feature a reduced footprint of 23% from those in the R-2000iC line. The R-2000iD robots provide greater space savings without having to sacrifice payload or reach. The reduced footprint allows the R-2000iD robots to be installed along most production lines or be configured as part of a multi-robot operation.

Arm Design

The FANUC R-2000iC robots feature a slim robotic arm and wrist. The slender design of the robotic manipulator arm and wrist allow for operation in narrow workspaces. In addition, the slim design provides faster operating speeds for the R-2000iC robots.

The R-2000iD robots also feature a slender robotic arm and wrist. However, the arm and wrist of the R-2000iD robots is hollow allowing process cables to be routed internally. Strategic openings run along the robotic arm of these robots for easy access to cables for maintenance or replacement. Internalizing the cabling allows for greater reliability as cable interference is prevented along with wear and tear of the cables.


The R-2000iC series features multipurpose robots capable of automating medium to heavy applications. The R-2000iC robots can be used for material handling, spot welding, automated machine tending, robotic assembly, automated palletizing, and dispensing. The R-2000ic/270F is ideal for automating heavy lifting applications with its high payload capacity.

The R-2000iD robots are best suited for automating applications requiring process cables since the cables can be integrated internally through the hollow arm and wrist. Robotic material handling and spot-welding automation applications are the most commonly automated by these robots.

Robot Models

There are several robot models that make up the FANUC R-2000iC series. Articulated robots in the series feature payloads of 100 kg to 270 kg and reaches between 2,230 mm and 3,540 mm. The R-2000ic/165F is the successor to one of FANUC’s most popular robot models, the R-2000ib/165F. Other models in the series include extended reach, wash environment, pedestal mounted, rack mounted, and upside-down mounted variants. The R2000ic/125L is one of the extended reach models of the series. For those with limited space, the R-2000ic/165R is a rack mounted version designed to operate overhead.

Currently the R-2000iD series consists of three robot models, the R-2000id/100FH, R-2000id/165FH, and R-2000id/210FH. These six axis robots are all floor mounted with a reach of 2,605 mm and payloads between 100 kg and 210 kg.

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