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What Yaskawa Motoman Robots can be used for Welding Automation?

Yaskawa Motoman is considered one of the leading robotic manufacturers in the world. Hundreds of thousands of their industrial robots have been installed in factories across numerous industries. Many of their articulated robots have been used for welding automation. Yaskawa Motoman is actually the top arc welding robot producer with more arc welding robots and equipment than any other robotic manufacturer. In addition to arc welding automation solutions, they also have several options available for spot welding.

EA Series

The Yaskawa Motoman EA series is dedicated to arc welding applications. EA stands for “Expert Arc” and the series was released in the early 2000s. Many of the six axis robots from the EA series are still welding in factories today and can be purchased on the used robot market. The Yaskawa Motoman EA series is ideal for automating light payload arc welding applications including MIG and TIG. The EA robots feature payloads of 3 kg and reaches ranging from 1,388 mm to 1,904 mm. The Motoman EA1400N is a popular robot from the series. EA robots can be paired with the XRC or NX100 controllers. Robots compatible with the NX100 controller are designated with an “N” at the end of their name. The Motoman EA1900N is one of those robots.

ES Series

Industrial robots in the Yaskawa Motoman ES series are designed specifically for spot welding automation. The ES series was released around the same time as Yaskawa Motoman’s EA series as ES stands for “Expert Spot.” Robots in this series feature heavy payloads and long reaches making them perfect for handling spot welding applications. Payloads start at 100 kg and go up to 200 kg. Reaches start at 2,651 mm and can exceed 4,000 mm. The Motoman ES165D features a payload of 165 kg. Robots in this series can be paired with either the DX100 or NX100 controllers. A “N” or “D” is used to designate which controller the robot model is compatible with.

MA Series

The Yaskawa Motoman MA series is another line of industrial robots dedicated to arc welding. The robots in the “Master Arc” series can be used to automate MIG, TIG, plasma, and laser welding applications. MA welding robots feature a slim profile and integrated cabling for reliable and interference free welding. The MA robots are considered to be the fastest in their class. The Yaskawa MA1440 will reduce cycle times with its speed. MA robots can be paired with either the DX100 or DX200 controllers.

VA Series

The Yaskawa Motoman VA “Versatile Arc” series is another arc welding robot line. The VA series stands out from Yaskawa Motoman’s other arc welding series as it features the seven-axis VA1400. The extra axis gives the VA1400 the ability to reach all sides of workpieces without a positioner. It also allows for better torch and welding posture.


Robots from Yaskawa Motoman’s SSA and SSF lines can also be used for arc welding automation. Some robots from Yaskawa Motoman’s multipurpose HP series can be integrated with welding packages for arc welding applications. The Motoman HP20D-6 is an HP robot capable of welding. The versatile MH series features robots that can automate spot welding in addition to material handling. The Yaskawa MH50 is one of those robots.

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