Popular Collaborative Robot Models

Popular Collaborative Robot Models

Collaborative robots are taking the robotics world by storm as they are expanding the scope of robotic automation to companies and applications in which traditional industrial robots were not feasible. Collaborative robots are intuitive, compact, and allow for direct human to robot interaction. They can easily be integrated into production lines, supplementing manual labor for significant productivity gains. The rising popularity of collaborative robots has led to more and more robotic manufacturers developing their own cobot lines. What are some of the top collaborative robots? Below is a list of some of the most popular collaborative robots.


FANUC has long been the top robotic manufacturer of articulated industrial robots with models including the FANUC Arcmate 120ic and R-2000ib/165F among many others. In 2015 they entered the world of collaborative robots with the release of their CR series. Popular cobots from the FANUC CR series include the FANUC CR-7ia and CR-15ia. Currently, this series has the highest payload cobot at 35 kg with the FANUC CR-35iA. Other payloads of the CR series are 15 kg, 14 kg, 7 kg, and 4 kg. In addition to the CR collaborative robots, FANUC recently released their CRX series. The CRX series features several industrial strength and zero maintenance cobots. FANUC cobots from either series can automate picking, palletizing, dispensing, assembly, inspection, machine tending, and packaging applications.

Universal UR Series

Universal robots focuses solely on the manufacturing of collaborative robots. Since their founding in 2005, they have developed two collaborative robot series, their original UR series and their newer e-series. The original UR series features the Universal UR5 and UR10. Each model name of the UR series corresponds with the given payload capacity of the robot. Payloads for UR robots range between 3 kg to 20 kg. The e-series features several updated versions of the models from the original UR line. Updates include improved precision, safety systems, and teach pendant. UR cobots can be used to perform automated assembly, finishing, material handling, material removal, welding, and inspection applications.

KUKA LBR iiwa Series

KUKA is another traditional industrial robot manufacturer that has expanded into collaborative robots with their LBR iiwa series. This series features the KUKA lbr iiwa 14-r820 and lbr iiwa 7-r800. KUKA LBR iiwa cobots are compact and feature light payloads of 7 kg and 14 kg. KUKA’s collaborative robots are often used for automating machining, assembly, material handling, painting, and inspection tasks.

Yaskawa Motoman HC Series

Yaskawa Motoman’s HC series features two collaborative robots. The “HC” in the series name stands for human-collaborative robot in reference to the ability of these robots to interact directly with people. Both Yaskawa Motoman cobots feature six axes, power/force limiting technology, hand guidance, and through-arm cabling. These cobots can perform assembly, machine tending, and material handling applications.

ABB Cobots

ABB first entered the collaborative robot market with their dual arm YuMi cobot. Since then ABB has released the Single-arm YuMi, the SWIFTI, and the GoFa cobots. All ABB cobots feature compact designs making them ideal for tabletop operation. Their low payloads allow them to automate inspection and small parts handling processes.

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