KUKA Robots For Sale

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KUKA robots are ideal for automating many types of manufacturing applications. Their articulated robots are innovative, intelligent, and powerful which is why they are one of the top manufacturers in the robotics industry. In the automotive industry they are the preferred choice as many of their signature orange robots can be seen operating along automobile assembly lines.

Robots Done Right has a large selection of KUKA robots for sale. RDR specializes in the resale of previously owned industrial robots. We sell used robots at affordable prices, allowing buyers to be able to purchase a high-quality robot at a significantly reduced price compared to buying a brand-new model. We carry KUKA articulated and collaborative robot models with options for those looking to automate with industrial robots. RDR has KUKA robots for light payloads starting a 5 kg to those for heavy lifting applications of up to 360 kg. We sell KUKA robots for automated material handling, automated material removal, robotic palletizing, welding automation, and robotic spot welding. KUKA robots sold through RDR are available with either the KRC2 or KRC4 controller systems.

Robots Done Right sells a variety of models for those looking for a small or compact robot. We carry models from KUKA’s KR5 sixx series, KR6 series, and KR10 series. The KUKA KR6 is ideal for light payload material handling applications. While the KUKA KR5 R650 can automate low payload robotic assembly processes. Robots from these KUKA lines feature six axes and an articulated structure. Their compact size allows for overhead, wall, or floor mounting options.

RDR also has options for those looking to automate a medium payload application. We have KUKA robots from their KR16, KR30, KR60, and KR90 product lines. The KUKA Kr 16 is capable of automating arc welding or material handling applications for maximum flexibility.

We also a carry KUKA robots that are ideal for higher payloads and heavy lifting. RDR has KUKA factory robots ranging from 150 kg up to 360 kg in payload capacity with the KR150, KR210, and KR360 models. KUKA high payload robots are incredibly strong and durable without sacrificing agility. These six axis robots can automate palletizing, spot welding, material handling, or material removal applications that require heavier tooling or part handling.

For those looking for automation solutions outside the realm of traditional six-axis robots, Robots Done Right has models form KUKA’s collaborative LBR iiwa robot series. KUKA cobots can automate light assembly tasks and interact directly with workers. Their enhanced safety features eliminate the need for safety barriers. The LBR iiwa robots are able to assist workers for an overall more efficient manufacturing process.

Used KUKA robots sold through Robots Done Right are tested to ensure they are in working condition. We also buy used KUKA robots and have options for trade-ins, allowing buyers to upgrade their used robot in a more cost-effective manner. We also sell used KUKA robot parts. Used KUKA parts are perfect to purchase as spares for your robot. Even if RDR does not have the KUKA robot you are looking for in stock, we can help find it for you, saving you time and ensuring you purchase the best option for your application.

Robots Done Right is the place to start when it comes to used robots. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling your used robot.