ABB Robots for Sale

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Are you looking to purchase an ABB robot? Robots Done Right has you covered. RDR has a large variety of ABB robots for sale. We specialize in selling used ABB robots at competitive prices, allowing buyers to find automation solutions that are cost-effective and won’t break the bank.

ABB is one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world and have been producing innovative robots since 1974. Their articulated robots are known to be reliable, precise, and intelligent which is why they are an industry leader. Their six axis robots are durable and long-lasting as many of their older models are still in operation and in circulation on the second-hand market. Purchasing a used ABB robot from Robots Done Right allows buyers to capitalize on the benefits of robotic automation at a fraction of the price of a new ABB robot.

Robots Done Right sells used ABB robots in various sizes, reaches, and payload capacities. We have options for welding automation, material handling, material removal, robotic assembly, and automated machine tending applications. We offer used ABB robots for sale from the following series:

  • • IRB 100 - The ABB IRB 100 series features the popular ABB 140. These robots are compact material handling solutions for lighter payloads. Their size allows for multiple mounting options and for integration with most production line configurations. Many of the industrial robot arms in this class can be used as assembly robots

  • • IRB 1000 - Manufacturing robot arms from ABB’s 1000 series are designed for robotic arc welding or material handling automation. While compact in size, they feature a longer reach than the IRB 100 series robots. The ABB 1600 is one of the more popular ABB robot models from the 1000 series.

  • • IRB 2000 - Robots in the IRB 2000 series can optimize robotic welding, material handling, and machine tending applications. All models come standard with IP54 protection making them resilient to dust or water intrusion.

  • • IRB 4000 - RDR carries industrial robots from ABB’s IRB 4000 series ranging from 10 kg to 60 kg in payload capacity. These industrial robotic arms are capable of handling light to medium material handling, material removal, and machine tending applications. The ABB 4600-40 is ideal for automating assembly lines.

  • • IRB 6000 - ABB’s IRB 6000 series features a line of heavy payload and long reach industrial robots. RDR carries IRB 6000 robots with payloads between 130 kg to 300 kg. These robot manipulators are commonly used for automated spot welding or material handling applications. For those with harsh work environments, ABB 6000 robots come in a Foundry Plus version.

  • • IRB 7000 - The IRB 7000 series features some of ABB’s strongest robots with payload capacities exceeding 500 kg. The ABB 7600 is ideal for heavy duty material handling. The IRB 7000 series robots can also be deployed for spot welding.

Robots Done Right also sells used ABB robot parts in addition to robotic manipulators. Used ABB parts are perfect to have on-hand as spares or to use for repairs in the off chance your ABB robot breaks down. We can help assist you to find the right ABB robot for your operations. Even if we do not have the exact robot you are looking for, we can help locate it for you. We also buy used ABB robots and accept trade-ins, allowing buyers to easily and conveniently upgrade their robot.

Robots Done Right is the place to start when it comes to used robots. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling your used robot.