ABB 7600

ABB 7600

The ABB IRB 7600 series features a line of robust, powerhouse factory robots designed specifically to handle heavy payload robotic applications. In fact, the IRB 7600 articulated robots are the strongest amongst ABB’s fleet. There are five variants within the line, each with a different payload capacity which include: 150 kg, 325 kg, 340 kg, 400 kg, and 500 kg. There is not a part that is out of reach for these six-axis robots with their extended reach capabilities ranging between 2550 mm to 3500 mm. The long reach and high payload capacities allow the industrial robot arms within the IRB 7600 series like the a ABB 7600-400/2.55, to be capable of tasks such as turning automobile bodies, handling heavy motors, working in foundries, and lifting large pallets.

Working with heavy payloads can be quite dangerous and pose many safety risks. With the IRB 7600 robots these safety concerns are minimized with their SafeMove2 system. SafeMove2 is ABB’s safety certified robot supervision solution to ensure safety with lean and flexible robots while working with extremely heavy workpieces. The safety functions of this system include speed limits, standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges, and position/orientation supervision. Safety is further ensured with the collision detection feature of the IRB 7600 robots. The collision detection system helps to reduce collision incidents by 70% to improve workforce safety and interference with peripherals. Downtime due to collision incidents is significantly reduced with this safety feature of the IRB 7600 series.

The IRB 7600 line of industrial robots is composed of a series of rugged robot manipulators, capable of handling the toughest work environments including excessive heat, dirt, and chemicals. Their rigid cast steel structure helps to withstand high stress and collision. They are IP67 classified with being sealed to protect against water and high dust, making them some of the toughest handling robots in the industrial world.

Even though these used ABB robots are robust and powerful, they are still compact enough to be able to operate within tight, confined spaces. Manufacturers do not need to have tons of floorspace to be able to utilize these units. They provide an expanded industrial robot work envelope with their long reach range and are capable of bending fully over for further motion. These floor mounted units have no problem handling bulky parts and large work areas.

The robotic manipulators of the ABB IRB 7600 series prove to be a versatile addition to any production line with the numerous applications they can cover. The ABB IRB 7600-340/2.80 is a material handling workhorse. While the precision of the ABB IRB 7600-325/3.1 makes it an excellent candidate for automated spot welding applications. Additional applications of this series include robotic machine tending, press tending, palletizing, and deburring. These Industrial robotic arms are commonly used as an assembly robot to put large parts in their place.

The ABB IRB 7600 robots are paired with ABB’s intelligent fifth generation IRC5 controller for enhanced motion control, speed, accuracy, and programming. Older models are also available in the ABB S4C+ controller. Additional software features of these robots include the Service Information System (SIS) which monitors the robot motion and load handling. The SIS also calculates service needs for easy robot maintenance. The IRB 7600 manufacturing robot arm are so smart that they can optimize their own operation to ensure path accuracy and fast cycle times with their innovative software systems.

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