Differences between FANUC and KUKA Robots

selling a used KUKA robot used FANUC robot selling a used KUKA robot FANUC robot selling a used KUKA robot

FANUC and KUKA are both well known in the robotic world and are among what are considered the big four robot manufacturers. FANUC has long held the top spot within the group and their dominance is only continuing to grow with the recent installation of their 500,000th robot. FANUC offers a widely diverse product line with other 100 robot models to choose from which include both articulated and specialty robots. FANUC is best known for building the strongest industrial robots in the world with payload ranges from 0.5 kg to 2300 kg. Popular FANUC six axis robot models include the Arcmate 100ic and M-20ia.

The German based KUKA Robotics rounds out the top robot manufacturers with an install base of over 80,000 worldwide. KUKA first become well known several years ago when they invented the world’s first 6 electromechanically axis robot. KUKA’s product line is not as extensive as FANUC’s, but they do offer robots with payload ranges from 2 kg to 1300 kg. Some of KUKA’s most successful robots include the KR 16 and the KR60-3.

Industries Served

Both FANUC and KUKA robots can be commonly found amongst automotive production lines. KUKA is currently on of the leading robotic supplier for the automotive industry. Many car manufacturers turn to KUKA robots like the KUKA KR210 for the assembly of vehicle components including: engines, axels, brakes, and steering systems. Their efficiency and speed help to cut down on production time and produce higher throughput. While FANUC robots are often seen performing robotic welding, assembly, automated pick and place, and painting applications across automobile productions. Robots from FANUC’s popular Arcmate Series, such as the Arc Mate 120ic, are used to weld together metal car frames. Their slim arm allows for access in the narrowest of spaces while their precision produces high quality welds that will withstand time.

FANUC and KUKA robots can also be found in the aerospace industry. FANUC assembly robots like the M-900ia/350, are used to build plane components including seats and motors. While KUKA has developed their FAUB technology to deliver increased riveting speed and quality during the assembly of aircraft fuselages. KUKA robots also serve the electronics, healthcare, metal, and consumer goods industries. While FANUC covers those industries as well, their expansive robot line helps them appeal to those in the oil and gas, foundry, food, medical, pharmaceutical, and warehousing industries.


KUKA is often thought of as one of the most innovative robotic companies. They have been credited with inventing the first collaborative robot with their LBR3 and for creating the first PC controller. They have even expanded their scope beyond the industrial world with their creation of the world’s first passenger carrying robot that is currently used in major theme parks. FANUC on the other hand is more known for their traditional industrial robots and continues to improve upon that technology. Their advanced robot vision system provides FANUC robots with extra guidance to complete more complicated applications. While their Roboguide software allows for offline programing, work cell visualization, and removes the need for prototyping.

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