Differences Between FANUC and ABB Robots

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FANUC and ABB are two of the top robotics companies in the world. FANUC has retained the number one spot with over 400,000 robots installed across the globe, but ABB is close behind with over 300,000 robots installed. Both are known for their reliable, speedy, and durable industrial robots, so it is easy to see why they dominate the robotic industry. When selecting a robot, it can be hard to distinguish which brand to go with especially amongst the top robotic manufacturers. Below is a break down comparing FANUC and ABB robots.

FANUC Robots

FANUC is considered to be the world leader in robotics and has earned the reputation of creating the strongest 6-axis robots on the market. The Japanese based manufacturer offers a wide range of robot models with over 100 options to choose from and are typically less expensive than other brands. These models have payload ranges from 0.5 kg to 2300 kg and reaches of up to 4.7 m. With FANUC robots there is an option for almost everyone no matter how small or large the job is. Their robots cover an extensive list of applications including: robotic assembly,robotic welding, material handling, material removal, automated packaging, painting, and palletizing among several others. FANUC is a popular choice amongst automotive, aerospace, medical, food, oil and gas, and warehousing industries.

FANUC offers a number of robotic lines including specialty, articulated robots, and delta robots. The ArcMate series features the popular FANUC Arc Mate 120ic, which is ideal for performing arc welding applications and its slim arm and hollow wrist allow it to operate within confined areas. Their articulated robot series features popular lines including the LR Mate, M series, and R series. Their articulated robots can have additional options to allow for cleanroom or foundry operation. FANUC robots designed to work in harsh environments like the FANUC M-710ic/50, are designed with fewer components, internal cables and hose, and eliminate the motor from their wrist for more reliable operation.

ABB Robots

ABB Robotics is a Swiss based robot manufacturer that first became known developing the first industrial paint robot in the 1960s. A few years later they added another first by developing the electric microprocessor-controlled robot. ABB robots are popular in the utility, transportation, and energy industries. Although they do not offer as many robot models as FANUC, they still have lines of articulated, paint, collaborative, and parallel robots. Their robots have payload ranges from 0.5 kg to 800 kg allowing them to cover a variety of applications including: welding, assembly, cleanroom, painting, palletizing, material removal, and material handling to name a few.

What makes ABB robots, such as the ABB IRB 6640, unique to others is their ability to bend fully backwards to expand their work envelop. Another unique feature of these robots is their lean ID (integrated dressing). With this design the most exposed components of the robot’s dress pack, such as wires and electric, are housed inside the robot. Because of this, robots like the ABB IRB 2600 are easier to program, have a more compact footprint, and are less susceptible to wear and tear.

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