FANUC industrial Robot Advantages of Automating with Used FANUC Robots FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot FANUC industrial Robot

Advantages of Automating with Used FANUC Robots

FANUC robots are one of the top choices for companies looking to automate or update their current robotic system. FANUC industrial robots are available in a wide variety of models which is why users are most likely to find a FANUC industrial robot arm suitable for their application. More FANUC robot manipulators have been installed than any other robot brand. While the prices for articulated robots in general have declined over the years there are still many advantages to buying a used FANUC robot.

  • • Cost Savings - Despite the overall decline in robot prices, buying a used FANUC robot still provides the most cost savings. On average buyers of used FANUC robots save around 50% of the cost of a new robot. Purchasing a used FANUC Arcmate 120ic provides the same key benefits of robotic automation, but at a more affordable price. Companies without much extra capital can still afford to automate with a used FANUC six axis robot.

  • • Quicker ROI - With a lower upfront cost, used FANUC robotic manipulators can allow companies to realize a quicker return on investment. Purchasing a used FANUC LR Mate 200ic means less of an investment needs to be recaptured. With productivity gains, faster cycle times, and lower production costs the ROI will be realized in less time than with a new robotic system. The faster the ROI is achieved, the sooner companies can start seeing unlimited savings and expand their profit potential.

  • • Faster Delivery - Delivery times for used FANUC factory robots are likely to be much faster than for new robots. Many new handling robots are not in stock and have significant lead times with some even taking several months for delivery. The long delivery times of new industrial robot arms will delay the automation process. For those needing to replace a broken down robot, waiting several months for a new one is just not feasible. Used FANUC robots are readily available for immediate shipping in most cases. Faster delivery times is another reason to consider buying the FANUC R-2000ib or another used FANUC robot.

  • • Field Tested - Another advantage of automating with a used FANUC robot is knowing the robot is already field tested and reliable. Used robots have already been used for several hours automating production related tasks. Purchasing a used FANUC Arcmate 100ic can give buyers confidence that it can successfully automate arc welding processes as it has already been automating such applications. This is especially true when purchasing an entire used robotic system as buyers can be assured all equipment is compatible and operates effectively with the manufacturing robot arm.

  • • Continuity - Purchasing a used FANUC robot also allows for continuity in factories that already use other FANUC robots. Companies can standardize their factories with the same robot and controller models. If a factory already has several FANUC M-20ia, but wants to add additional robots they can find the same robot and controller on the second-hand market. Having continuity with your robotic equipment ensures all equipment is compatible with one another. It also prevents downtime related to training robot operators and technicians on new robot and controller models. Operators will already be familiar with how to operate and maintain the robot.

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