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What are Yaskawa Motoman Robots Used For?

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the top industrial robot manufacturers in the world. To date there have been around 500,000 Yaskawa Motoman robots installed across the globe. Yaskawa Motoman robots such as the MA1440 and MH50 are used by companies to automate either a portion of their operations or their entire production process. Yaskawa Motoman robots convert manual tasks into automatic ones, reducing the need for human involvement. They can be used to supplement manual labor by taking over undesirable jobs, allowing workers to focus on more critical operations. They can also be used to automate an entire factory for a lights-out manufacturing approach. Yaskawa Motoman robots are used to lower production costs, increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce cycle times, and enhance the efficiency of a production.

Yaskawa Motoman robots are typically used to automate repetitive, dangerous, or dirty production tasks. They are commonly used in manufacturing to perform production related processes or applications. Since many manufacturing processes involve repetitive and hazardous work, Yaskawa Motoman robots are ideal for taking over manufacturing production lines. Yaskawa Motoman robots can also be deployed for quality control measures. Their articulated robots can be used to test and inspect products to ensure all items are uniform and high-quality. Integrating the Yaskawa MH24 with a robotic vision system allows it to automate quality control inspections and detect flaws that would otherwise be missed by humans. Yaskawa Motoman robots are also frequently used for distribution. They can automate pallet loading, transporting pallets or objects, and removing items from pallets or boxes and storing them.

There are many different types of applications that can be automated by Yaskawa Motoman robots within manufacturing, quality control, and distribution. One of the most common applications for Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots is arc welding. They have one of the most extensive selections of welding robots with several series dedicated to robotic arc welding. The EA1900N is from their EA (Expert Arc) series while the MA3100 is from their MA (Master Arc) series. Other common applications for Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots include spot welding, palletizing, material handling, material removal, assembly, and packaging.

The wide variety of uses for Yasakawa Motoman robots allows them to be implemented in a number of industries. Given their welding expertise, the automotive industry is one of the largest users of Yaskawa Motoman robots. Aside from arc and robotic spot welding, automakers also use Yaskawa Motoman robots for assembly, painting, material removal, and material handling. Another industry that frequently uses Yaskawa Motoman six axis robots for their automation needs is the electronics industry. Yaskawa Motoman robots are capable of handling the delicate assemblies required of electronic devices, ensuring the highest quality. Other industries using Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots include the aerospace, biomedical, medical equipment, and food and beverage industries.

The variety of uses for Yaskawa Motoman robots puts them in high demand. From their general purpose industrial robots to their more application specific robots such as those for arc welding, it’s hard to find a task that cannot be automated by a Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot.

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