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Used Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robots

Welding automation involves converting manual welding applications into automatic ones using industrial robots. Welding has become the most common robotic application. Welding applications are typically automated by six-axis robots.

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the top robotic brands in the world and has the largest selection of welding specific industrial robots. Yaskawa Motoman has welding robots designed specifically for arc welding and spot welding applications. Yaskawa Motoman’s arc welding lines include the EA, MA, VA, SSA, and SSF series. The Motoman MA1440 is ideal for most robotic arc welding applications including MIG and TIG processes. While the ES series, highlighted by the Motoman ES165D, is dedicated specifically to spot welding automation.

Automating welding processes with Yaskawa Motoman robots can completely optimize your operation with faster cycle times, lower costs, higher productivity, better weld quality, and a safer work environment for employees. However, welding automation can be a big investment. Fortunately, used Yaskawa Motoman robots are an excellent alternative to new robotic welding systems.

Why Invest in a Used Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robot?

The number one reason to consider a used Yaskawa Motoman welding robot is the lower cost. A used Motoman MA1900 can be significantly more affordable than a new robot. Used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots can cost up to 50% less than a new welding robot. Purchasing used makes welding automation feasible for just about any company. In addition, other welding equipment is needed besides the robot so purchasing a used Yaskawa Motoman robot can reduce the entire cost of a robotic welding system.

Buying a used Yaskawa Motoman welding robot also allows buyers to purchase other equipment of the welding system used. A used Yaskawa MA1400 is compatible with a used Miller Auto Axcess 450 power source. Buyers can save even more by purchasing an entire used Yaskawa Motoman welding package. For those needing to replace a Yaskawa Motoman robot in a pre-existing welding system, a used one is the most likely to be compatible with older welding equipment. Buyers can find the same or a similar Yaskawa Motoman robot on the second-hand market.

Used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots will still provide the same benefits of welding automation as new welding robots but at a more affordable price. Used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots will still improve your welding application through higher accuracy and repeatability. With a lower investment cost, buyers can earn their ROI faster, expanding their profit potential sooner.

Less training may be involved with a used Yaskawa Motoman welding robot as operators and technicians will likely already be familiar with it. Since most used robots are older models it is likely technicians will already have experience with it or a similar model. This will ease the installation and programming process. In addition, technicians will also likely be familiar with the maintenance needs of the robot.

Where to Buy a Used Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robot

Used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots can be purchased through used robotic equipment companies, robotic integrators, or through auctions. Robots Done Right sells and buys used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots for both arc welding and spot welding automation.

Contact Robots Done Right in order to discuss selling a used Motoman welding robot today.

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