Used Industrial Robot Arm

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Industrial robot arms are automating manufacturing facilities around the world. It is not just new robotic arms that are but used ones as well. A used industrial robot arm is one that has been previously owned and already used for past automation projects. With the rapid increase in the demand for robotic automation used ABB 6640 along with other used robotic arms are making robotic technology more accessible.

Purchasing a used robotic arm does not mean buyers are sacrificing quality or that the used robot will be faulty. Used robotic arms can be just as reliable as new ones, and in some instances more reliable as their technology has already been put to the test. Industrial robots can operate for several years to decades when well maintained. The FANUC Arcmate 120ib/10L has not been manufactured in over a decade but is still commonly used in factories. Many used robotic arms have gone through a reconditioning process which refurbishes them to like new condition and extends their lifespan for several more years.

Used industrial robot arms can automate the same applications as new ones. These include welding automation, material handling, material removal, assembly, painting, and inspection. They provide the same key benefits of robotic automation as new robot arms. Lower production costs, increased productivity, reduced cycle times, better quality, and safer work environments are all benefits of automating with a used robot arm.

Advantages of Used Robot Arms Over New

You may still be wondering why a company would buy a used robotic arm instead of a new one. Buying used provides several advantages over buying new and in some cases may even be the best option for a manufacturer.

  • • More Affordable - The top reason for buying a used robotic arm is that it is more budget friendly. New robots can easily reach six figures while used robots can save buyers between 40% to 60% the cost of a new robot.

  • • ROI - With a lower starting cost, buyers will be able to realize their return on investment sooner than with a new robot. A used FANUC LR Mate 200ic allows buyers to receive their ROI quickly with a lower purchase price while still getting the same automation benefits as a new robot.

  • • Lead Time - Increased demand for industrial robots along with supply chain disruptions has caused longer lead times for new robots. Many manufacturers cannot afford to wait months for an articulated robot. Used robotic arms have short lead times with most ready for immediate shipping.

  • • Smoother Integration - For those with a pre-existing robotic system, purchasing a used robot arm to replace a robot will allow for a smoother integration process. Used robots will be compatible with older equipment and buyers will likely be able to find the same model they are replacing. Maintenance will also be easier as technicians will already be familiar with the robot reducing the likelihood of malfunctions or breakdowns.

  • • Better for the Environment - Reusing a second-hand robot is more environmentally friendly as it preserves resources. It also prevents old robots from being discarded and polluting the environment.

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