Top Robotic Welders

Lincoln Powerwave R500 Fronius CMT 3200 Miller Auto Continuum 500

There are several components that make up a robotic welding system in order to automate a welding application. One of those components is a robotic welder also known as the welding power source or supply. The power source plays a critical role in any robotic welding system as it supplies the electric current to power arc welding processes. It is considered the center of a robot welding package. Choosing a reliable power source is important which is why the major robotic manufacturers rely on the following top robotic welders.


Fronius is considered one of the top brands for robotic welders. They offer several different power sources for welding automation. Fronius power supplies are compatible with many of the top industrial robot brands. These include welding robots from FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, and ABB. Fronius welders are offered as options for Yaskawa Motoman and ABB’s pre-engineered weld cells.

Fronius’ line of TransPuls welders are some of their most popular. These welders feature cold metal transfer (CMT) technology which allows for spatter-free welding for high-quality results. The Fronius CMT3200 can be integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic or the Motoman MA1440. The CMT 4000 is another welder from Fronius that is compatible with the FANUC M-710ic/20L.

Fronius power supplies can be used for the automation of several welding applications. These include GMAW processes, MIG and MAG, as well as TIG and plasma welding.

Miller Electric

Miller Electric has a long history of manufacturing welding equipment and they have become especially popular for their robotic power supplies. Miller power supplies are often integrated with Yaskawa Motoman welding robots and their ArcWorld weld cells. Miller robotic welders can also be integrated with ABB robots for welding automation.

Some of Miller’s most popular welders come from their Auto Axcess series. Power supplies from this series are mainly available through the second-hand market as Miller no longer manufactures them. Even though they are no longer in production, Auto Axcess welders including the Miller Auto-Axcess 450 are still commonly used, especially for integration with older welding robots like the Motoman EA1900N. Miller’s Auto Continuum series features their newer welders that are compatible with some of the latest robots. For instance, the Miller Auto-Continuum 500 integrates well with the ABB 2600.

Miller welders are considered to be some of the best for automating MIG applications. They are also capable of being used for automating TIG welding.

Lincoln Electric

Like Miller, Lincoln Electric also has been manufacturing welding equipment for decades. There has been a long-standing debate between users of Miller and Lincoln welders of which brand is best. However, both produce high-quality robotic power supplies.

Lincoln power supplies are mostly integrated with FANUC ArcMate robots. Lincoln’s pre-engineered weld cells are designed with FANUC robots. The PowerWave series is the most well-known from Lincoln. This series features the Lincoln Powerwave i400 and the 455M.

Lincoln’s power supplies are commonly used for MIG, TIG, STT, and flux cored welding. Integrating the FANUC Arcmate 100ic with the Lincoln Powerwave R500 is ideal for automating a TIG application.

These three brands are the ones most trusted when it comes to implementing a robotic welding system. Deciding between these brands will likely come down to the welding application and robot compatibility.

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