Lincoln Powerwave R500

Lincoln Powerwave R500

Lincoln Powerwave R500 Overview

The Lincoln Power Wave R500 is a welding power source that is designed for use with robotic arc welding applications. Lincoln Electric welding equipment is compatible with many of FANUC’s welding robots. The PowerWave R-500 is commonly integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic and the FANUC Arcmate 100ic. This power supply communicates well with FANUC’s controllers including the R-30ib and the R-30ia.

The Lincoln PowerWave-R/500 can be used for Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, and Flux Cored welding applications. It features built-in wire feeder control which allows users to modify settings with the robot teach pendant. Its compact design helps save space. The Powerwave R500 is enclosed in an IP23 rated case for protection from harsh environments. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, rain, dirt, and dust.

With over 65 standard welding waveforms the Power WaveR.500 can optimize almost any welding automation. It is also capable of converting input power to help offset operational costs. Auxiliary power surge blocker technology ensures welds are not jeopardized by other devices with high currents. CheckPoint and weld data monitoring allow for the tracking, storage, and analysis of key welding metrics. The Lincoln PowerWave-R-500 will increase productivity and reduce cycle times of robotic welding processes.
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