Fronius CMT 4000

Fronius CMT 4000 Overview

The Fronius CMT 4000 is a fully digitized and microprocessor-controlled welding power source. Featuring an output of 400 A, the CMT4000 can meet the highest welding demands and is often used in industries such as the automotive, construction, and oil and gas to name a few. The CMT-4000 is designed for short circuit, spray, and pulsed arcs to produce quality welds with repeatable results every time. Considered a multi-process power source, it can be integrated with robots for robotic MIG, MAG, TIG, and electrode welding. The CMT 4000 can communicate with the FANUC RJ3IB, FANUC RJ3IC, and FANUC R30ia controllers. This allows it to be smoothly integrated with FANUC Arcmate 100ic, the FANUC Arcmate 120ic. In addition to FANUC robots, the robotic welding source can be paired with ABB robots such as the ABB IRB 2600 and Motoman robots such as the Motoman MA1400.

The CMT in the CMT 4000’s name stands for Cold Metal Transfer and this process is what makes the power source stand out. This process involves the incorporation of the wire movement in which heat is applied very briefly. The metal transfer then occurs with very little flow current. This is beneficial because it results in spatter free MIG/MAG welding and brazing of thin metal or galvanized sheets of 0.3 mm or thicker. The cold metal transfer process of the cmt-4000 also allows for the joining of steel and aluminum. Stainless steel can also be welded using the CMT 4000 in addition to aluminum and steel. During robotic welding the Fronius CMT-4000 is controlled through the digital robot interface.

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