Miller Auto Continuum 500

Miller Auto Continuum 500

Miller Auto Continuum 500 Overview

The Miller Auto Continuum 500 is an advanced welding power supply that is part of Miller’s latest line of automated welding systems. The Auto Continuum line features the successors to Miller’s popular Auto-Axcess 450-di power supplies. The Auto Continuum-500 delivers high performance capabilities for robotic MIG applications for welding aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and titanium. The Miller Auto Continuum500 can easily adapt to a variety of robotic workcell configurations with its modular design.

The Miller Auto-Continuum 500 can be used for both thin and thick metal welding. Its Accu-Pulse technology features better arc control, less heat input, and reduced spatter. These features significantly improve weld quality by reducing potential defects. Arc starts are reliable, consistent, and smooth with the Auto-Continuum/500. For thick metal welding, quality is not compromised with its ability to produce higher deposition rates with lower heat input. This robotic welder integrates with various used FANUC Robots including the Arcmate 120ic and M-710ic/20L.

Setting up, programming, and using the Miller Auto/Continuum 500 is made easier through its LCD interface. The LCD display allows for input of numerical values and words instead of using complex codes, simplifying user training requirements. The USB interface allows for easier access for system updates and custom programs. Used Motoman robots that integrated well with this welding include the MA1400 and HP20D.

Other features of the Miller Auto-Continuum-500 include fast motor response times, eight program/memory buttons, and improved wire feeding capabilities.
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