Miller Auto Axcess 450-DI

Miller Auto Axcess 450-DI

Miller Auto Axcess 450-DI Overview

The Miller Auto Axcess 450 DI is an automated robotic arc welding power supply system. It is designed for automating MIG and flux cored applications. The AA 450 DI features multiple MIG welding programs including Accu-Pulse, Accu-Curve, standard or adaptive pulse, conventional MIG, and metal core programs. The Accu-Pulse setting is especially advantageous as it provides precise arc control for tight corners or tack welds, ensuring quality.

Other notable features of the Auto Axcess 450-DI include SureStart Technology and Auto-CAL. SureStart allows for consistent arc starts to be achieved by controlling power levels of specific gas and wire combinations. While Auto-CAL provides automatic calibrations through internal digital technology for simple and automatic scaling and syncing to the analog robot controller. This speeds up installation time, reduces downtime, and ensures weld accuracy and precision.

The Miller Auto Axcess 450 D/I can be integrated with many pre-existing weld cells. In addition, it is also easy to connect to common robotic controllers with its 72-pin Harting connector. Current surges are protected against with AA-40GB Wire Drive Motor Assembly with OCP (over current protection). The AA-450-DI has a rated output of 450 Amps, 38 Volts with 100% duty cycle.

This used Miller welder is commonly integrated into used Motoman robots such as the MA1400, HP20D, and MA1900. This miller welder can also be integrated into used ABB robots like the IRB 1600 and the IRB 2600.

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