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Robot Risers

Robot risers, also known as robot pedestals, are heightened platforms that can be attached to the base of an industrial robot in order to elevate it. Robot risers consist of various heights and some integrators offer customized versions to meet specific user application requirements. Standard riser heights are typically 300 millimeters, 600 millimeters, 900 millimeters, and 1200 millimeters, or greater. Robot risers may be used for robots within robotic workcells or those that are stand-alone on manufacturing floors.

Most robotic risers are built using steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Common robotic riser designs feature a large cylinder with steel plates on the top and bottom of the cylinder. Holes are drilled on both plates for securing the bottom base to the work area and securing the base of the robot system to the top plate. Other robot pedestal designs may feature steel I-beams in a square or rectangular shape.

Robot risers are often used in order to expand a robot’s work envelope. Many manufacturing tasks require robots to operate at elevated levels. Robot risers provide a sturdy and rigid base, allowing an articulated robot to be able to operate accurately at heightened levels. Risers make parts more accessible for robots, increasing precision and reliability. Adding a robot riser to an industrial robot enhances its reach and is a much more cost-effective option than having to completely replace it for an extended reach model.

Robot pedestals also allow industrial robots to work with larger workpieces. This is particularly critical in industries such as the automotive, aerospace, and machining. Many manufacturers in these industries integrate their robots onto risers in order to ensure they can accurately access workpieces for higher product quality. For instance, in the aerospace industry, integrating a FANUC R-2000ib/210F with a riser makes robotic assembly of fuselages possible by raising its height.

There are numerous applications that can benefit from the integration of a robotic riser. One of those applications is robotic welding. In robotic welding precision, control, and accuracy are key to ensure a successful, high-quality weld. Generally risers are very commonly used in welding automation. Not only do risers allow better access to workpieces, but the rigidness of the riser can actually improve robot weld accuracy. Risers help to absorb any vibrations caused by a robot’s operation and keep the robot base immobile. An unsteady base can negatively impact the accuracy of a welding process. By mounting a FANUC Arc Mate 120ic to a riser, it will have better access to workpieces and be able to maintain consistent, reliable, welding with every cycle run.

A palletizing robot like the FANUC M-410ic/185 typically come standard with a robot riser. The manipulator arm generally needs to be above a conveyor whe completing palletizing applications and therefore a riser it necessary. Robot pedestals tend to be the most cost effective approach to elevating an industrial robot. Many of these palletizing robots are also equipped with a robot vision system in order to indentify different sized objects coming down the conveyor. This is particularly important when the robot is used in automated pick and place.

Machine tending is another application that can utilize a robot mounted onto a pedestal. Machine tending robots are deployed for feeding parts to and from production machines. Sometimes these machines can be quite large, and a robot will need to be elevated with the help of a robot riser. A FANUC M-710ic/50 attached to a robotic riser is able to take advantage of its full work envelope for faster cycle times, increased throughput, and higher productivity. Other types of robotic applications that may require a robot riser include machine loading/unloading, machining, and foundry processes.

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