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Overview of Motoman Controllers

Motoman is one of the top robot manufacturers in the world. Their innovative robotic technology is ever evolving, including their controllers. Below is an overview of Motoman’s most popular and latest controller models. Motoman produces robotic systems capable of almost anything, from palletizing and welding automation

Motoman XRC Controller

The Motoman XRC controller is one of their older generation controllers. Despite having been out of production for several years, this controller is still widely available in the second-hand market since many XRC robot models including the and the Motoman EA1400 are still in operation. With advanced 32-bit RISC distributed design and digital servo drives, it delivers high performance. Maximum productivity can be achieved with the XRC with its patented programming and control of up to four six axis robots. The XRC is compliant with the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard and features collision avoidance, dual channel E-stop, and brake release switches. The teach pendant is ergonomically designed and lightweight with Windows software.

Motoman NX100 Controller

The Motoman NX100 controller is the successor to the XRC controller. Featuring technological advancements including a NX100 color touch screen pendant, memory storage for up to 10,000 instructions, built-in Ethernet, and PC design. The NX100 allows for multiple application programs along with controlling up to 4 robots or 36 axes. Vibration control and advanced path accuracy are achieved through its Advanced Robot Motion software. Safety features include collision avoidance, E-stop, speed monitoring, and manual brake release. The NX100 controller is compatible with many Motoman robots such as the HP50 or the EA1400N. It is a great cost-effective alternative to newer controls as many NX100 robot models are still popular today. Industrial robots like HP50 can be used in a gantry system to free up floor space and maximize the work envelope

Motoman DX100 Controller

Motoman improved upon their multiple robot-controlled controller technology with the release of the DX100. The DX100 controller is capable of controlling up to 8 robots or 72 axes for maximized productivity. Fast processing speeds and Advanced Robot Motion control software provide a high level of performance that is unmatched. Other features include a lightweight touch screen pendant, open communications, and energy savings of up to 25%. Costs are reduced along with workcell complexity since this controller does not require a separate PLC and HMI. The DX100 can be paired with Motoman robots like the Motoman MH50 or the Motoman HP3 for reliable, accurate, and advanced performance.

Motoman DX200 Controller

The DX200 controller is Motoman’s latest generation of DX controls. The DX200 is one of the most powerful controllers available and pairs with many Motoman robots including the Motoman MH24. The DX200 supports numerous applications including arc welding, painting, and material handling. It allows for productivity to be optimized with the capability of controlling up to 8 robots or 72 axes. Teaching time is significantly reduced with its touch screen, Windows supported pendant. Additional features include energy efficiency, reduced mean time to repair maintenance, and Advanced Robot Motion control software.

Motoman FS100 Controller

The Motoman FS100 is a compact, but powerful controller. The FS100 is designed for a industrial robot arm with payloads of 20 kg or less. It can support packaging, small part handling, and robotic assembly. The FS100 is 2 to 4 times faster than the DX100 and its cabinet is IP54 rated. A single FS100 controller can support up to 8 axes for high productivity.

Motoman YRC1000 Controller

The YRC1000 is the next generation of Motoman controllers and is built upon the successful DX200 model. It features a small cabinet footprint for space savings and has increased speed through the reduction in ladder scanning time. It also features a simplified setup, single controller-to-robot cabling, and Motoman’s new Smart Pendant. For those with high-density operations the YRC1000micro is available for an ultra-compact design.

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