Most Popular Robot Applications in 2022

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Industrial robots have been automating factories and warehouses for decades. Once they were only used by the automotive industry, but today they can be found in a wide variety of industries performing an even wider scope of tasks. Some of the most common applications for robots have remained the same over the years while advancements in their technology has added new processes to the list. Below is a list of the most popular robot applications in 2022.

  • • Welding - Welding has consistently ranked as the top robotic application since the 1980s and today it is just as popular as ever. Industrial robots are used to automate both arc and spot welding along with laser, electron beam, and ultrasonic welding. The FANUC Arcmate 100ic is ideal for arc welding automation. Six axis robots are perfect for handling the skill, precision, and accuracy of welding applications.

  • • 3D Printing - 3D printing is new to the list of popular robot applications. The rise of 3D printing has led to the automation of it with articulated robots, especially as new industries, such as construction, begin to adopt robots. The ABB 4400/60 can be used to operate a 3D printer.

  • • Assembly - Assembly is another tried and true robot application that remains popular today. Assembly robots are used across a variety of industries including the automotive, electronic, and medical device. The FANUC Lr Mate 200ic can be used for assembly tasks such as dispensing adhesives, inserting pegs or bolts, or fitting parts together.

  • • Palletizing - The repetitive nature of stacking containers and boxes along with potential heavy lifting has made palletizing popular for robotic automation. Industrial robots provide the payload, stability, and flexibility needed for optimizing palletizing applications.

  • • Painting - Industrial painting is repetitive, strenuous, tedious, and hazardous which is why most manufacturers are opting for painting robots. Painting robots feature high repeatabilities for consistent coatings along with explosion proof arms to ensure safety.

  • • Material Handling - Material handling processes include picking, packing, and part transfer. While other forms of equipment have been used to assist workers like forklifts, they lack the flexibility of industrial robots. Robots have become popular for material handling as they can automate a variety of handling processes and quickly be redeployed to adapt to changes.

  • • Machining - Machining tasks have been popular for automation with CNC machines in the past. However, now many are automating with robots instead. Robots have the flexibility to automate multiple machining processes while also allowing for autonomous operation, unlike CNC machines.

  • • Casting - Industrial robots have become the preferred choice for operating die casting and injection molding machines. They are able to safely remove casts and molds from machines without the risk of burns. They can also immediately trim excess material, increasing productivity.

  • • Finishing - Finishing involves removing unwanted material to smooth or shape a part. The precision of robots makes them popular for finishing as they mitigate errors and ensure product consistency.

  • • Inspection - Proper inspection is crucial for quality control and can have critical safety outcomes. The development of robotic vision systems has made robotic inspection possible. Using the FANUC M-20ia for inspection ensures 100% accuracy, which is why it has become one of the top applications in 2022.

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