FANUC’s iRVision

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Robotic automation has become the standard for manufacturing technology. Industrial robots are taking on more production related tasks and are starting to outnumber factory workers. One contributing factor to the expansion of robotic automation in manufacturing is robotic vision systems. Robotic vision systems add intelligence to industrial robots. Robots integrated with vision systems are given the sense of sight which significantly improves their operation. Robots with vision can identify parts, find different locations, and adjust to changes dynamically avoiding reprogramming.

IRVision is FANUC’s own robotic vision system that is compatible with all their robots and controllers. FANUC has taken the guess work out of finding a reliable and compatible vision system for their robots by creating their own in-house vision platform. iRVision can be quickly and easily integrated with the FANUC M-710ic or the Lr Mate 200id. iRVision features an easy setup through guided steps, avoiding complex programming. Unlike other vision systems, FANUC’s can be setup and operated through the controller, teach pendant, or robot. There is no need for additional equipment such as computers to operate iRVision. All that is needed to integrate the iRVision system with FANUC’s robots is a camera and cable.

FANUC’s iRVision is available with either a 2D or 3D camera with the 2D camera being the baseline for the vision platform. iRVision cameras are enclosed in an IP67 rated case, providing ample protection from even some of the harshest work environments. iRVision is available with several options, allowing customers to find the best vision system for their application.

  • • 2D iRVision - 2D vision is the standard option for FANUC’s vision platform. Robots integrated with the 2D camera will be able to locate parts, position and orientate parts, and verify features. They can also check dimensions and scan 1D or 2D barcodes. Integrating the FANUC M-20ia with 2D iRVision can improve automated palletizing applications.

  • • 3DL iRVision - 3D vision is achieved with this version of iRVision through a 3DL hybrid sensor head. The 3DL sensor uses lasers for part detections, regardless of surface variations. Part positions and postures are able to be detected in 3D.

  • • 3DV iRVision - This version of 3D iRVision uses a projector for 3D detection. Projected structured light is used for 3D measurements to detect positions and depth of parts. 3DV sensors are also helpful for applications with low contrast. This option is ideal for robotic depalletizing, picking, and inspection processes. 3D visual line tracking allows the FANUC M-10ia to pick parts from moving conveyors as it is able to detect part speed, orientation, and direction.

  • • iRPickTool - FANUC’s iRPickTool is an additional option for their 2D vision platform for automated pick and place applications. This option supports the detection of irregularly placed parts on a moving conveyor. Articulated robots are able to track conveyors in circular or linear movements.

  • • Other Options - iRCalibration improves the setup of any iRVision system, allowing for faster and more accurate integration. Those integrating iRVision with an arc welding robot like the FANUC Arcmate 120ic may also be interested in the iRVision Weld Tip Inspection option which works with the iRVision system to conserve weld tips. There is also iRTorchMate which operates with iRVision to monitor the arc torch for proper alignments.

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