Advantages of Pre-Owned Robots

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
With today’s fast-paced, high demand global marketplace, manufacturers are realizing they can no longer wait to automate their operations with industrial robots. Industrial robots reduce production costs, increase productivity, and improve product quality helping companies keep up or outpace their competition. While it may be tempting to immediately opt for the newest industrial robots, pre-owned robots should not be overlooked. In fact, pre-owned robots provide a number of advantages over new industrial robots and may actually be a better option for automation.

The main attraction to investing in previously owned industrial robot arms is their affordability, which is one of their biggest advantages. Pre-owned industrial robotic manipulators can save buyers between 40% to 60% of the cost of a new robot. Pre-owned robots can be reconditioned to be restored to like-new condition. When purchasing from a reputable robotic equipment company, such as Robots Done Right, pre-owned robots are thoroughly tested to ensure working condition. Buying pre-owned does not mean sacrificing quality. A pre-owned FANUC Arcmate 120ic can be just as reliable and provide the same benefits as a new Arcmate 120id. It’s not just the initial cost that is more affordable, but also maintenance and repair costs. Pre-owned robot components can be replaced with used parts should they become worn or repairs are needed. Used parts are significantly less expensive than new parts, allowing you to maintain your robot in a more cost-effective manner. There is an extensive used part market for articulated robots in which buyers can find any part from teach pendants to motors to CPUS.

Another advantage of pre-owned robots is that robot technicians will likely already be familiar with them, making them easier to implement, operate, and maintain. Older robot models, like the ABB 2400, have been around for decades so most technicians already have experience with them. Purchasing a pre-owned Yaskawa Motoman MA1400 will allow for a faster setup and reduce the amount of training needed since most experienced technicians have operated that robot model or similar robots. Technicians will be familiar with programming, safety features, and maintenance requirements allowing for a smoother implementation of your robotic system.

For those looking to implement a new robotic system immediately, a pre-owned robot manipulator may be your best option. Pre-owned six axis robots tend to have shorter lead times than new robots. Pre-owned factory robots are usually already removed from production, reconditioned, tested, and ready for immediate shipping for quick turnaround times. New industrial robotic arms can take several weeks to receive, and, in some instances, lead times can be over a year, especially with such high demand for industrial robots.

The last advantage of pre-owned manufacturing robot arms is they are easier to integrate into pre-existing robotic systems. For those looking to replace their current robot, a pre-owned robot may be the best bet for avoiding having to replace the other equipment that is a part of the system. If you’re looking to replace a FANUC R-2000ib, you will likely find the same robot or a similar model on the used robot market. New robots may not be compatible with pre-existing equipment such as power sources and end-effectors. Buying a pre-owned robot saves not only on the robot cost, but also by avoiding replacing the entire robotic system.

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